in need of prediction!

  1. so i went into the coach store today for the first time with the new line. i fell in love with the pink lurex fabric! they only have a wristlet, mini skinny, and keyfob in it. i loved each one of those things, but i dont know how often id use them. do you think that they will come out with a purse in that color? and when do you think the new p.c. coupon is coming out?
  2. ^^yeah i just bought the zoe clutch, and plan on making quite a few more LOL unfortunetly for my bank statement, does this mean I will qualify for whenever the next time will be? I know you have to spend 250 but I know not everyone gets it and it just depends. I mean either way I'll buy what I like but it would make me happy if I had the coupon haha.
  3. whats the next line? not resort yet?
  4. The lurex in pink just comes in the framed wristlet, wristlet, mini skinny and keyfob :/ They made the khaki and black lurex in a little handbag though.

    As for PCE, it's not something staff will really know dates of until the week or so before.

    Aarti, for some reason I can't think of the Nov. collection but I know Dec. 26th is resort and spring (carly bags).
  5. I like last year and the year before that's lurex print better but the current ones are cute still! I probably will just take my chances with them at the outlets since I have a ton of optic lurex stuff already.
  6. just to add to what sprinkles already said, the PCE event will be during the holiday madness, between nov and dec.

    and only certain people are invited...however...we may be flexiable, depending on store and manager and if you decided to drop a couple thousand :graucho:

    that was last year mind you, coach has started being REALLY strict on those cards this year.
  7. what does PCE stand for?
  8. is this different from the 250+ coupon?
  9. PCE - preferred customer event?