In need of positive thoughts and prayers

  1. I have a huge exam tomorrow and due to a lot of circumstances (am currently in the process of moving, I haven't been able to study hardly at all... I'm really stressed and quite frankly, overwhelmed and a bit down, it's been a really long summer semester and combined with work... I'm exhausted. I think some tPF support / good thoughts would really help my moral as I'm taking the exam in 9 hours and I'm just really dreading the whole shebang... :sad: I know it's kind of selfish and/or pathetic to make a post like this, but I think it would really help.

    Thanks guys :heart:
  2. You got them., both positive thoughts and prayers, not selfish at all, we all have different needs at different times, keep us posted on your exam, you will do just great!!!!:heart:H
  3. Good luck.
  4. good luck!! think about it this way, itll be all over in 10 hours :smile: andddddddddddd its only ONE test in ur whole life!!!

  5. Good luck!
  6. Good luck!
  7. Good luck & hang in there !
  8. Good Luck and you will do great.
  9. Well, I bet your test is over now...hope you did well and good luck on your move.
  10. Good luck! Best wishes.
  11. Best wishes !!!
  12. Crossing everything crossable for you!!!
  13. Thanks so much everyone :heart: It's been a crazy long day... got up at 5 because my exam was in another town 2 hours from here. And then we moved most of my stuff either from here or my old appartment... woah!

    But the exam went well for the most part I guess... a few questions I was like :wtf: (they were SUPER specific, like on footnotes from obscure chapters...) but I think I should pass! :yahoo:

    I just had a quick glance at your messages before the exam and it made me walk in there with more confidence! Thanks guys :heart: