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  1. Ok, so I found a place here in Philly that does a digital perm (the only one!?)'s the deal: they've only had the machine for 7 months and the woman who answered the phone doesn't speak the best english...would you guys go for it? I hate that there's a communication barrier, but I REALLY want this perm, I just don't want to regret it!

    your input is appreciated!:tup:
  2. If you have a picture to show them and then point at the machine and your hair......maybe. Try going down to the store, maybe the stylist that does the perming speaks English-thats how my salon was.
  3. I agree, go into the salon and see what the situation is, hopefully someone younger will be there who can speak english well and maybe they can tell you how many times they've used the machine and all of that

    What part of the city is the salon in?
  4. good idea ladies, thanks's NE Philly