In need of opinions...Can't decide! Marcie medium or large??

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  1. I bought both the marcie medium and the marcie large. One in nut the other in ran. Need help deciding which one to keep. Pros/cons of both please! Has anyone had the large comfortably fit on their shoulder without sliding down? I am 5'10" so I am tall enough to carry the larger bag. Just wondering why you choose medium or large? Thank you as I have been inn this dilemma for a while!
  2. Heyhey!! I am 5'7" and I carry the Marcie in large!! ....I love it and I wouldn't go any smaller for me!!

    Good luck...sorry I'm not much help. Lol!!
  3. I'm 5'7" and have both the medium and large and I love them both - it's like picking a favorite child :smile:
  4. I'm also 5'7" but the medium Marcie worked better for me. I can carry the large, size wise with no problem but I like that the medium has the longer strap which is useful for me. Btw, i am able to carry the medium double handles on my shoulder and sometimes i use the longer strap as sort of a crossbody.