In need of new haircut suggestions!

  1. I've been growing my hair out for a while now (so that I can have a decent updo for my brother's wedding which is this weekend). A few days after the wedding I'm getting my hair cut, cause well.. it needs it desperately.

    I have very fine dirty blonde hair (and I tend to shed a lot, so I sometimes opt for short haircuts, but I'm not sure if I want short hair!).

    Lots of length weighs my hair down... of course I know I will need layering. I just don't know where to go.. I don't want a haircut that is too high maintenance either.

    I like the idea of side swept bangs... but I think if I get them and they flop in my face a lot i might get annoyed, Ugh. I don't know! I've been googling good hair do's for fine hair and find nothing that i'm really into!

  2. Me too!!! im looking forward to replies also
  3. Pics are way more than welcome... especially cause I'd be able to give the stylist a visual.
  4. I'm not saying I'm getting one of these.. but I find something interesting in all of them... I really don't want to go too short... i think I have a face shape between an oval and a round shape.. so i've been trying to find flattering cuts that I like in that realm.

    I'm really liking the last 2.. i like reese's hair, but mine would be a bit shorter, maybe shoulder length... the last one is very cute, but I dont think i coudl pull it off!

    help! (again) ;)
    haircut1.JPG haircut2.JPG haircut3.JPG haircut4.JPG
  5. Go to and search on "Hollywood Hair". You can upload a picture of yourself and overlay different celeb hairstyles. I just did it and it was pretty fun to see yourself in all the various styles.
  6. I was going to suggest anything seen on Nicole Richie - she has really fine hair and you sound like you might have a similar face shape. The great thing about her hair is that it's one simple cut (subtle layers with a side-swept fringe) but you can style it any which way. If you hate having hair in your eyes, a cloud of hairspray should do the trick for fine hair... just to keep it on your forehead, but out of your eyes, KWIM?!

    I adore Nicole's hair - I have terrible, heavy brown hair and would give anything to have fine, silky hair!
  7. hair is like the last pic!
    My only complaint is the sideswept bangs...I am not used to it, and am not used to how thinned out it is! They had razored it out, it was a thicker..and now feels weird. It s cute do once its all prepped, people tell me it even makes me look more younger..But I diddnt like it for me.
    I think Nicoles cut is really cute, but then that would mean spending time with a blowdryer alot to smooth it out and get it to tuck in for the bob style.
    My vote is Reese! Its versatile and you can wear it shaggy or sleek!