In need of LV Speedy repair

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  1. Hello from a new member, hope I am posting correctly. I have a 30 yo LV Speedy with a broken zipper. Took it to the LV store in King of Prussia and was told nothing could be done cause they don't make the hardware anymore. I love this bag, it's so much nicer than the new ones. Can someone direct me to a place I could send it to for repair? Thanks!
  2. I've had great luck repairing vintage bags (or, rather, my mom has) with a very trusted shoe repair. If you have somebody who you trust that does good work, try taking it to them and asking for a price quote and if they have experience repairing handbags as well.
  3. Already tried that, the guy assured me it was an easy fix but he put on an ugly zipper and stitched it badly. Nothing that cannot be resolved by someone more experienced, I don't think. I think there must be some place in NY that could do it.
  4. I've read about Superior Leather here in NYC, their website is I just dropped off a bag today and they seemed super nice. Good luck.
  5. Thanks, I have contacted Chris at Artbag and am waiting to see what he says.
  6. The reason LV won't touch it is becasue you took it somewhere else first, right?
  7. No, no one had touched it at that point. I took it to the store first and was shocked that they offered no help. I shipped it to ArtBag in NYC today after corresponding with them via email.
  8. my sa gave me the name of the person they rec. when they can not repair.
    they are called
    i hope this helps. they are in nj
  9. Thanks Gabrielle. Artbag has it and will get it back to me in 2-3 weeks. I will post an update when I get it back.