in need of lots of help - mousse pics please!

  1. girls, some of you might have read, i got an black mj ursula elise, but it's going back. i still want a new bag, and i still love the paddingtons, but i've never seen mousse IRL and i think it's the color i want. however, everyone's pics make the color look sooo different - anywhere from light green to baby blue. so, if all you wondeful ladies out there that have some sort of chloe in mousse out there could post a pic that you think best represents the actual color of the leather, i would love you FOREVER. like seriously, i'm not even kidding. it would be the biggest help in the world.
  2. Aww I wish I could help, but I'm sure one of the Chloe ladies can!
  3. I am always happy to show off pics...although this bag went to live with Murasaki because it was too big for me! But the color is captured pretty well in these.

    I LOVE the mousse. Thinking of getting it again in the smaller version. I say go for it...the color is amazing, and the silver lock is even better!
    Chloe Mousse Big Pocket on desk.jpg Chloe Mousse Big Pocket outside.jpg Chloe Mousse Big Pocket side.jpg
  4. It is almost like the color of patina copper...about 40% grey, 40% green, 20% blue. Not a light blue like some of the photos (at least mine wasn't), more of a muted green-grey with some blue undertones. Hope that helps.

    Or like a spa mud...LOL!
  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mousse! If you do get it, please post many many pictures. I would have to live vicariously through you!
  6. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...i think i'm going to have to get one of those as soon as my return comes through on my cc
  7. get it, you'll love it. The color is very unique, it just sucks trying to photo it.