in need of lots of help - mousse pics please!


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
girls, some of you might have read, i got an black mj ursula elise, but it's going back. i still want a new bag, and i still love the paddingtons, but i've never seen mousse IRL and i think it's the color i want. however, everyone's pics make the color look sooo different - anywhere from light green to baby blue. so, if all you wondeful ladies out there that have some sort of chloe in mousse out there could post a pic that you think best represents the actual color of the leather, i would love you FOREVER. like seriously, i'm not even kidding. it would be the biggest help in the world.
I am always happy to show off pics...although this bag went to live with Murasaki because it was too big for me! But the color is captured pretty well in these.

I LOVE the mousse. Thinking of getting it again in the smaller version. I say go for it...the color is amazing, and the silver lock is even better!


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It is almost like the color of patina copper...about 40% grey, 40% green, 20% blue. Not a light blue like some of the photos (at least mine wasn't), more of a muted green-grey with some blue undertones. Hope that helps.

Or like a spa mud...LOL!