In need of jewelry ideas to pair with this outfit


Jun 15, 2009
Houston, TX
I have been invited to a semi-formal birthday party this Friday. The guest list includes VPs from both engineering and banking industries, including VPs from the engineering company from which I work. Therefore, I want to keep my look polished and professional. I have an outfit on hand that I just purchased earlier this week that I think can be jazzed-up with the proper accessories, I just don't have a direction.

Here's a pic of the outfit, though the high waisted pencil skirt is more polished looking than in this internet pic. It's fitted to just below the knee and has a slight sheen.

I'm thinking I might wear my MK pumps

and I also have a fitted bolero "tux" style jacket that matches the skirt, though I don't have a pic.

Any ideas on jewelry?


Sep 23, 2010
So you're going for... My outfit says professional but my accessories say party? :smile:

I work for a professional services firm in NYC and often need to pull together similar outfits.

I would add: earrings (diamond studs or danglers not longer than 3/4"). You can add a pop with a nice ornamented cuff or stack of bracelets to make the outfit a little fun... matched to a gorgeous clutch.

Personally, I would wear my diamond studs, 2-3 rings, a watch, thin diamond tennis bracelet and an Hermes clic clac bracelet in a bright color, my ering, wb and a right-hand ring.

OT - My hair would be pulled back at the sides into a pony - I'd leave the crown volumized and a bit undone. I have this crazy problem with wearing my hair down and wearing a suit jacket at the same time.

I'm a classicist with a twist. HTH!


Nov 21, 2006
if you are going to wear your jacket--one great brooch could be fantastic. not many people wear brooches, so you'd be unusual, but also pretty. with jewelery, if you want to keep it professional, let one piece be the "star" -- so either one great ring, one great bracelet, one great pair of earrings, one great brooch, and all the other pieces should be "supporting players." cute outfit!