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  1. Hi! This is my first post in this forum, I usually hang out in the Coach forum. Anyways, I have combination oily-dry skin and I am having the WORST time finding a moisturizer that works for my dry patches but also doesn't make me oily. I have been using some burts bees moisturizer for about a month because it makes my dry skin go away but after a few hours I feel like my face is an oil slick. Do you guys have any recommendations for a good moisturizer for my skin? Thanks so much for helping!
  2. I love Paula Begoun's Skin Balancing Moisture Gel.
  3. Jojoba Oil. I know it sounds CRAZY to put oil on your face..... but this type of oil mimicks your sebum (natural occuring oil on your face)!! It actually DECREASES oil production, while hydrating those rough patches. I had the same problem. Any other ladies who have tried jojoba will know what im talking about. Do you have acne? Sometimes people have a breakout when they first begin but this never happend to me. I use Dessert Essence brand. You can find it at health food stores but i order it from VitaCost because its cheaper :smile: Also, im a stickler about natural/organic products. I hate putting chemicals on my delicate skin! Hope this helps! Good luck and keep us posted on what you find!
  4. Peter Thomas Roth Oil-Free Moisturizer!
  5. good skin care and affordability would Be Ole Henriksen. He has a kit called 3 little wonders. works on all skin types and balances your skin. Live is skin care line. Mostly natural. using skincare with way to many chemicals can really mess your skin up. i tried Dr. Periconne and its really messed up my skin.

    i am 47 years old and tried all kinds of products. and Ole is the best!

    then for your touch ups Highly recommend Laura Geller's Balance & Brighton. it's kind of a powder foundation. But it doesn't build up like a regular powder. you can use it all day long. basically it's a baked 'mousse" , so its a powder then when you put it on its adapts to your skin. Soaks up the oil and also softens the dry patches.
  6. i would recommend a facial scrub to get rid of the dry patches of skin. That way, the moisturizer can sink in better.
  7. Exfoliating is a good thing, especially twice a week. Although its important to repair the skin first. When you exfoliate the dry patches you are exposing new skin to the elements and they will just keep coming back.

    skin regime twice daily and a gentle scrub (not the apricot junk they sell at the drug store). Borba makes a great cleanser and its really gentle that can be used every day.
  8. Agree. I like simple skin care w/o a lot of stuff in it, like Purpose. They have a nice lotion that is not too heavy, but works well. Oil of Olay has one too that is for combo skin that I use at times.
  9. You can't go wrong with Clinique 3-step. My skin is the same type as yours, and it's never looked or "acted" better. I can't complain! It really makes a difference, even if it's a little old school!
  10. Lancome's Aqua Fusion. It's a refreshing gel-cream.
  11. All these recommendations are great! I really have no idea where to start. I am currently using a Burts Bees peach scrub 3 times a week and then I have cetaphil for a cleanser. I am just noticing that I get really oily in my tzone about an hour or so after I put on my foundation.
  12. Do you a toner or a astringent. I think it is easier to tone down the oily and then bring up the dry.
  13. You may want to steam your face. Take a wash cloth and get it as hot as you can take it than put it over your face.
  14. mario badescu is a great brand.
    a really cheap good moisturizer is merlot grape seed. it's very light and it smells nice. it's not enough for my cheeks sometimes, so i just put a heavier lotion on top but normally i can use it alone