in need of help...

  1. so im REALLY torn between trading my l'amore gioco for an OP bella bella or my pirata zucca for a tan PG bella bella. although none of the trades are concrete yet, i'm torn! i LOVE my pirata zucca, but i donno if pirata is quite my print. and i've come to see that l'amore is too neon for me, so i decided to sell/trade it. i want the tan PG bella bella more but the trade would be hard. the trade for the OP bella bella would be easier, but id be missing out on a the tan PG which i've wanted for awhile.

    help :push:
  2. I'd say go for the OP BB, since you no longer want your l'amore gioco & still are unsure if you want your Pirata Zucca, but really, you have to figure out which you'd rather have in your collection. :shrugs:
  3. i think you should trade the pirata zucca for the tan bella bella since it's muuuch harder to find. You can always find another pirata zucca if you have trader's remorse cuz they are always popping up on eBay... whereas tan BB is super rare and inflated! the l'amore gioco vs. OP bella bella....hmmm both are VERY cute--flip a coin for that one? just my 2cents...
  4. hi, if you can let go your zucca, i think you should go for PG bella bella.. we all know how hard to find this print.. versatile is my word, you can carry it for work, school or play. i would've snatched it from mandy if i can afford her asking price :p
    you can get OP bella bella in future if you still want it.. it is easier to find and recently a few are on eBay..
    the only downside you still need to find new home for your lamore..
  5. I say trade the zucca for the tan bella. The tan bella is so much harder to find and are going for vey high prices
  6. im biased since i absolutely love my pirata zucca, but if i had the option to trade it for a tan bella bella... i would have to go for it. maybe you can always trade your l'amore for a new pirata zucca later
  7. googlygrape: Hi! I am ml5 on LJ. Thanks for sending me pics of your perfect pirata zucca. It's really beautiful....Not sure if this would help to put you a little more at ease...I am really hoping to either sell of my tan PG BB for cash (coz I have been spending SO much on toki bags) or trading it for a Citta MM. Chances are really slim for me to get another pirata bag to add to my other 3. Sorry.....:sad:
  8. I think it'd be cool to trade the zucca for the TP BB .. and also the l'amore gioco for the OP BB. I mean if you're not totally loving the gioco and zucca you might as well trade for something you want more :yes: