In need of hair style ideas for a night out...

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  1. I had my hair cut shoulder length for the summer and now I am stuck on ideas to wear it up. It's grown out a bit since but it's still too short and layered to do much with. I have a dinner party this week and kind of want to do something different with my hair. I ALWAYS wear my hair down and natural (wavy). If I straighten my hair it hits my collarbone. I need ideas of something fairly quick (I have about half an hour between when I am finished work and when I have to be there), and that I can do myself (I rarely ever do my hair so nothing too complicated or fancy). My hair is pretty thick even though it's layered and thinned out so there is a lot of hair still.
    I played around with a faux-hawk but I didn't think it looked right. I tried to do a fish tail braid but my hair is too layered and short to get very far with it and it sticks out weird because it's so short...any other ideas cause I'm at a total loss for what I can do with it??
  2. What about wearing it straight (I suppose you have a straightening iron?) and curling the ends such that it is either one curl (in or out depending on you) or a little wavy but just at the ends. Seems simple enough to do by oneself. :smile:

    Hope you get more ideas and have a great night out!
  3. High ponytail and slick the hair on the top and sides of your head as flat and smooth as you can. It looks really polished and defines your facial features. Whenever I'm in doubt as to what to do I do this and everyone always compliments it. Sorry this is so late, hope you had a good time anyway! :smile:
  4. I guess I should have specified that my dinner thing is tomorrow night!

    I might straighten my hair...idk if I have time but I might be able to do it quickly...I wanted to try something up and scare people though because I never wear my hair up unless I don't get a say in fashion shows and magazines LOL

    I could do the slick pony tail but my only problem is that I have so many layers that I can't fit all of it in a pony holder...unless I use pins to keep the rest in place? I can't do high ponytails because my hair is too short to pull it up high :sad: I tried last night...
    I think I would have better luck pulling somethign off if I didn't have so many layers...not to mention I never wore my hair up when it was long so I don't even know how to do much with hair lol! I don't even put product in it!!
  5. Wow are you a model?
  6. Do a side part - And french twist one side of the front.
    And then twist it up in the a bun in the back. Or braid it all to one side.
  7. Yes...but not as much as I would like though. I do it as more of a side thing since I have a day job that I enjoy plus sometimes jobs are few and far between with modeling and sometimes there will be months that I have too much booked to do. Soo it's more for fun but sometimes I get paid to do it LOL
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    My hair is too short to even braid! If that picture works it's about an inch longer than that picture. That one was taken a few days after I had it cut and it's been about 6 weeks since the hair cut.

    So far since my hair has been cut it has only been done in a faux-hawk for a shoot...and for the life of me I can't replicate it! I need a personal hair stylist! It's just too hard to do hair by yourself when you can't see the back of your head!

    I do have this cute little flower hair clip I might wear. It's bright yellow with roses on it and sort of matches my dress. Maybe just leave my hair really wavy or curl it and stick the flower in and call it a day haha.

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  9. Perhaps a little chignon bun?
    I'm in the process of growing out the layers I've had since I was in high school. I got so sick of pins, product etc. to make it all stay down or straight :P
    I think it'd still look quite smart and will still be up?
  10. Wow you are so pretty! No wonder you are a model!
  11. why not french braid along the crown? that style tends to work well with short layers:

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  12. My hair is a similar length and I usually leave out my bangs or shortest layer, straighten them and quickly straighten the rest, then back comb the crown and pull the rest into a low pony tail that holds in all my layers. I think this is a cute and easy look.
  13. A low chignon at the nape of the neck?
  14. I had to google what a chignon bun was LOL!!

    Thanks :smile:

    I should try that one!! I like that look. I should try to do it for Saturday.

    I ended up just leaving it down and wavy :sad: I had to work later than I thought and ended up with zero time between work and getting to the dinner sooo all I managed to accomplish was change from flats to heels and go.
    I may try the braid one for Saturday though I have another thing to go to.
  15. [​IMG]