In Need Of Gd Advice!

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  1. I'm so frustrated now as I'm torn among so many choices! I need to decide quick on which bag I want :nuts:

    Firstly, I can't decide on which color I want. Then it was the style & the hardware.

    I found a really smooth & squishy Camel'06 RH City, Violet SGH in PT/Brief/RTT,Violet RH City, Magenta SGH in City, Black SGH/GGH in City, a Sienna WE. I love all the colors! I know I'm being greedy here... lol.

    Which one would you choose? So far, I'm only using my Natural City... well, that's all I got :p

    I'm keen on the Magenta, but I'm not sure if the color with SGH is going to last me long.. you know what I mean? I'm afraid it will just be a fad...

    Oh wells, pls throw in any suggestions ladies. TIA! :heart:
  2. It seems violet's made a good impression (it's on your list twice) :p so maybe you should get a violet? Since you already have a city, how about a brief? (Though the violet City's that's been posted recently is absolutely gorgeous... how about 2 cities then?)
  3. Black is always a good choice to start a collection. So basic and always goes with everything. Then build the colors. The city is a great size and I always gravitate to the city.
  4. I think I would go with the magenta city - since you already have a neutral colored city, magenta would be a really gorgeous pop of color! If you're concerned about the SGH being a fad, a magenta with RH would be gorgeous as well! I also think that you couldn't go wrong with black - everyone needs at least one black bbag in their collection, IMO :yes:!!
  5. Get the one that calls out to you the most. That is a large assortment of bag there to choose from. I would choose the Violet RH city for myself since I am a huge city fan & also a huge RH fan & love the Violet. Sorry I know I am not helping. :p
  6. My vote goes to Violet -- RH or GH! Both are gorgeous but personally, I'd go for the Violet SGH:tup:
  7. I say violet rh city :p
  8. Wow thanks gals... looks like violet is a fave choice among you girls.. But will violet be too dull? I have a DKNY bag that is of that color.. so I'm not sure about getting a same colored bag.

    What do you girls think about camel and magenta? (^^)
  9. i would totally get the camel for sure :yes:
  10. Well said!! ITA with CO :tup:

  11. I will go the unpopular route and say camel or sienna. I am not a pink/purple person. Just my preference.

    Good luck in your decision!
  12. I think that the magenta would be a wonderful splash of color for you.
  13. I have a magenta city with SGH and i LOOOOOOVE it. Awesome bag. The color is so much fun. Violet would have been my second choice, PT with SGH buuut I'm much happier I went with the Magenta, for now. Will probably get the new f/w purple.
  14. Hey :smile: do you think that the SGH is too overwhelming for a city size? Do you think u're going to be sick of the color or the combo anytime soon? lol..

    I do agree that Magenta will definitely spark my collection with that color! But that caramel and the wide selection of colors for Brief is just too hard to resist! hahahs..
  15. Nope, I love it but I am sucker for bright colors. Infact, I will probably get a PT with SGH in the F/W Magenta as well LOL. Still havent decided amethyst vs sapphire for F/W.

    I'll be posting pics of her later on today as I just got her this week and want to show her off