In need of expert help: can you ID this bag?

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  1. this is so sad - i don't even have a photo...but i spotted a bag on someone on the street, and now i'm obsessed. :love:

    it's a black leather cross-body bag with silver hardware, very minimalist, and it immediately reminded me of kenneth cole but apparently it's not his. smaller in size than a typical messenger bag, and more square than rectangle. it's flat, envelope-style, with a flap that folds over the front of the bag, fastening in the absolute middle with a thin, vertical silver convex rectangle thing that must be at least 4 inches long - i assume with a snap or magnet underneath. i couldn't get close enough to see if there was any etching on the metal, but there might have been. there were no frills or obvious logos, and the strap was simple leather.

    does anyone have any ideas? does this sound like any particular designer's style? i've scoured eluxury, kenneth cole, ebay, forzieri, and many other sites without luck. thanks for any help you can offer! i'm compiling my christmas wish list.
  2. Sorry nothing comes to mind but what´s with the links to another board?
  3. thanks, but that's not it. it's a gorgeous bag, though!

    ack, my search continues...
  4. I removed all the clickable links to another website, please don't post anything like that again.