In need of big, bold, chunky gold jewlery!!

  1. Im talking your face....can see it from a mile away matching necklace and bracelet set....

    Do you guys also have this craving or have always love them? would soooo inspire me!!!:graucho:

    I thought that I would never be interested in bold they say.....never say

    Now I want a classic set that I can wear with almost any outfit...any suggestions?? Your thoughts??
  2. P1030861.JPG
    Juicy Couture Starter Charm Bracelet - $35

    I think that's really chunky and it's gold-plated brass. Great deal too! And you can add charms if you want, but I think it looks great plain too.

    Also, try David Yurman.
    [​IMG] <-- $4000+, but very cute!

    Tiffany's also has cute gold jewelry, not really chunky but kind of: [$3000]
    Hope that helped!
  3. Betsy Johnson has some funky, chunky jewelry. I bought this one today and LOVE it. It's bigger than it looks and very cool. Maybe not what you are looking for, but who knows.

    Betsey Johnson __Leopard Chain
    Bracelet w/ Lightning Bolt
  4. Thanks for the idea guys......

    I just went ahead and ordered with QVC a chunky gold set....I hope it turns out
  5. Yay!!! Which gold set did you order? I've ordered some jewelry from QVC in the past and they're wonderful with returns. Good luck with it!
  6. There is a women in Texas that did an art show in St. Louis this past weekend. You Texans KNOW BIG AND BOLD. I LOVE this Jo Jennings, she simply gets it when it comes to dramatic jewelry. I bought a ring from her that's to die for, it must me a 13K barrell stone set in 14K gold. It looks like an oval golf ball. People were stopping in the aisles peeing their pants drooling over her stuff. She's been making jewelry for over 30 years. Highly talented woman that Jo. She lives in Irving TX and she does not do a webpage. Jo maintains there are people who will copy her creations and I believe it. Here's her phone number 214-255 1476. Tell her a customer in St. Louis gave you the number that went to the art show. She can do anything.

    Let us know okay.

    Also her prices rival QVC; ShopNBC and they are unique, pieces of art. Also you'll never see the size stones she has on these networks; I know I compared.:tup:
  7. Its called the Gerbaldi (?) bracelet and necklace set, I do like some of their pieces and have ordered before. Im not in love with them, but they are all more fashion jewlery than significant pieces so I ordered again. Still nervous about it

    How did you like your pieces?
  8. Thank you!! But I feel more comfortable purchasing locally or though sites for now...:smile:

  9. Absolutely I saw her stuff IRL so I understand. Ask for a show schedule? She may display in your community. Also she does lay-a-way.
  10. I ordered some Judith Ripka pieces. It's all sterling silver with some rubies and pearls. I sent back one Judith Ripka bracelet because it wouldn't stay clasped. QVC gave me zero problems with the return. I absolutely HATE returning things, so I give them a big thumbs up in that department. I've never ordered any gold pieces, but it looks like they offer a great value on gold. Let us know how you like the quality. I'm interested to see if it's as good as it looks on-line!

  11. I adore Judith! Such beautiful design!!

    Well, just received the bracelet, the necklace is on advanced order to be delivered next month...:wtf:

    Its really light as a feather, but made in Italy and has the right look Im looking for. Im having trouble deciding...

    I would not like it to be heavy, but seems like it will damage if I hit it really hard.....ughhhh, dont know....:confused1:

    Maybe I'll just keep it just b/c its for outfits....ughhh

    Heres pics...sorry if the pic isnt that great, took it with my phone...
    0823072220.jpg 0823072220a.jpg
  12. Oh, I'm going to get the JC Charm bracelet...I love it!

  13. I love the look of your new bracelet. Very bold and chunky and shiny! Can't wait to see the necklace. Of course I'm not the one who has to wear it, but I think it looks very nice on you. Hey, love the ring, too!!!
  14. Bagluvluv,

    The bracelet looks great on you. The all day gold show on QVC that day totally made me want to get a big bold gold bracelet as well.

  15. juicy is very nice also