In NEED of a Panda bear Cles! HELP!

  1. Hi there ladies and gents!

    I am in need of a panda bear cles!
    My store had one, but claims they sent it back to the factory b/c they can't be sold any more due to a contract with Murikami!

    Does ANYONE know if their store still has a panda keychain?

    I located one, but i need TWO!!!!!!!!!! The Ny Manhasssett store on Long Island is sending their suppposed last one to be this week. Otherwise, I don't know what to do!

    My 1/2 @ss SA at the Boutique KNEW i wanted to wait until I could binge on Pomme until I bought him, he was keeping an eye on the cles for me! Or so he says. Story goes, I didn't want much stuff when I went the other day, so I just wanted the heart and my Panda, and its gone!

    I am quite a bit bummed! Any thoughts? I called 866, they are the ones who got it from NY.
  2. have you called 866 vuitton to see if they can locate one for you ?
  3. Try eBay...I've seen some going pretty cheap lately.
  4. Yeah, I think it's best to call 866 to locate one... ;)
  5. The Boston LV store still has them.
  6. i had already tried 866 and got one, but i needed TWO!
    anyone see one at their Louis?
  7. ok, Panda #1 came in today.
    Still trying to locate another one!
  8. The houston store still has them as of about a week ago. Call and check with them.
  9. call 866-vuitton!
  10. thanks foryour help ladies!