In need of a new black bag, stuck between Sac De Jour, Lady Dior or a Fendi Peekaboo

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  1. Desperately need a new black bag but can't decide which one I want the most. I've just purchased a large light pink patent lady Dior and I loved it so much I was considering getting a black one. But not sure which I want. Any help please
  2. Peekaboo but I'm biased as I love Fendi
  3. Fendi! You already have a Lady Dior and SDJ quality isn't very good from what I have heard.
  4. Fendi :smile: The peekaboo is a stunning bag, a classic. And Fendi quality is great. Good luck deciding!
  5. The Lady Dior is a gorgeous bag but difficult to get in and out of.
    The YSL is a great bag but my vote goes to the wonderful Peekaboo !
  6. Oh thank you all! I'm looking for a peekaboo now as we speak, what kind of sizes do you all recommend?

  7. Depending on your day to day use, I recommend the medium if you need it for work. For me, my mini peekaboo is big enough to fit my needs, but it all depends on usage. Hope this helps!
  8. Get the Fendi.
  9. Fendi-I have a few of their bags and the quality is just amazing
  10. Fendi, especially as you already have a Dior.
  11. Definitely not the Dior. The YSL or the Fendi. I think the peekaboo looks best in the mini size, if you need a bigger bag I'd pick the SDJ. Do you want a going out bag or something more practical/larger for work?
  12. Saint Laurent.

    It's lighter and mare malleable than the Fendi. The Dior is going to bee too susceptible to scratches/wear if you need a workhorse.

    The new SDJ's have a leather lining, which makes it SO LIGHT and structured (the initial batch "sagged" a lot). You can now remove the center pouch in the SDJ to make it a single, open pocket. If you need to carry more home or to work, that's a great feature.

    The SDJ's are usually discounted in seasonal variations every season. You'll see some get marked down 30-40% starting Monday!
  13. Personally, I like the look of the SDJ most of those 3. But ultimately you need to make the decision!
  14. I'm just watching this space as I contemplate the same choices for my next year or 2017's bag: Saint Laurent vs Fendi structured bags.
  15. Fendi!!