*In need of a Monogram Canvas shoulder bag...*

  1. I was considering a Batignolles Vertical but I'm not exactly in love with it. I do like it... just not 100% sure.

    What I want is a Monogram Canvas shoulder bag. Preferrably, something with cowhide leather trim and handles/straps (I love the patina). What would be my best bet? Help me out ladies!

    (I secretly do hope that I end up buying the Vertical because it has such a classic look and is easily-carryable! :yahoo: )
  2. I personally love the classic Noe or the Mini Bucket Bag. Both are classics that are sooooo beautiful!
  3. i have the Batignolles Horizontal and Popincourt Haut, and they're both great shoulder bags; they're very comfortable and good sizes
  4. I love the petite noe!
  5. The Batignolles are a great value, especially with the price decrease. I actually prefer the Lockit line, but you may or may not like the vachetta bottom. I think that the Lockits have a great shape (because of the bottom).

    I'm not a fan of the vertical because it seems like I'm digging around and around to find my things.

    It's all about personal preference. The batignolles are all beautiful. If you're not 100% in love with it, then maybe pop into a boutique and try on a few to find one that you absolutely need to have! :smile:
  6. do you like the piano? That would be my pick!
  7. what about BH or lockit?
  8. I would go the the BH or the monogram Piano. I have both and they are great shoulder bags.
  9. Thanks for all your replies!!! Question: Are the straps on the Batignolles adjustable? Can I shorten or lengthen them? How about the straps on the sides of the bag? Can I lengthen/shorten them to make the bag wider/slimmer?
  10. ^I agree with the Cabas Piano. It has a lot of vachetta and looks so beautiful when it has patina. A great comfortable shoulder bag.
  11. Take BH... it's functional and a great everyday bag.... I tried on the BV and BH and I think BH has a great shape and holds a lot more stuff than BV does

  12. The shoulder straps are NOT adjustable but the side ones are. I have a BH and I LOVE it. Go try it on and I am sure you will fall in love with it.
  13. Bh!
  14. Thanks. The BH IS roomier (which I LOVE) but I take the trains in NYC almost everyday and I'm sure I'll be constantly knocking people with my bag (it's very wide).
  15. Yeah but what better than an LV to be knocked into by :graucho: