In need of a little help

  1. Around Christmas time I was at the Coach outlet in Lahaska and saw this black credit card holder, but I didn't buy it (stupid me). The following week while I was on a trip to FL I saw the tan version of the credit card holder at the Orlando Outlet. I came home and went to the Lahaska outlet again and they only had the tan. I came to find out that it's called the Legacy Multi Card Holder. One of the SA's at the outlet told me that they made that specifically for the outlets and that I should call back during the week to see if they got more of it in in black. I just called back and they said they still only have the tan. I'm desperate to get my hands on the black holder. If anyone sees one in the Eastern PA/NJ area can you let me know. It's thin and black with a snap closure in the front (I think). When you open it up it has 5 credit card slots on each side.
  2. ^^^ call the Lancaster, PA outlet - 717-293-1707. I was there today and they had a ton of accessories. I wasn't looking for anything like that so I wasn't paying very close attention, but I know I saw black legacy gallery somethings. Sorry I don't know exactly what, but they are open until 9 tonight and will absolutely help you out.
  3. Oh thank you so much. I just called them and one of the SA's said they have them in black and they have a few. Now if I can see about getting there tomorrow. I have no clue how far away that one is from me.
  4. ^^^so glad they had them!!! They have directions to there on the tanger outlet website (I don't remember the link exactly, but I always got there using a google search).