In need of a hipster LV bag for my MacBook Pro

  1. I was in process of looking for a bag to hold my 15" MacBook Pro and I can't find anything I like. I've gone a couple of times to the Apple Store on 5th Avenue, the one with the cool glass cube, and they have some cool stuff, but nothing for me really....:sad:


    To all my Pf-er's - What should I get, that would fit my 15" MacBook Pro, that is a hipster-type :jammin: of LV bag ?

    P.S. I'm not a fan of the Monogram, it just screams "Gimme some attention! :hysteric: ", and quite frankly, I don't need or want it, lol :roflmfao:

    Suggestions please !!!! :yahoo:
  2. when you say 'hipster', i hope you mean a messenger bag that reaches down to your hips, because i can't imagine anyone with a MacBook-sized fanny pack :lol:

    if it's a messenger bag you want, then i suggest something from the Taiga line, like the Viktor, Alexei, Dersou, or Odessa :yes:

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  3. Vlad just bought the Taiga Dersou for his mac, you can see pics in the I've been a bad, bad boy thread
  4. lol That's a good suggestion

    I just want something a little unique and not ordinary, but not flashy either

    Am I just being picky ?

    The Damier Messenger is cool, but maybe a bit too masculine for me ?

  5. Have you seen the Utah line? The leather is absolutely gorgeous and I bet you won't see that much people with it around.
  6. Does your mac fit in a Sorbonne :whistle:
  7. You need a structured bag, I remember that there were one in the monogram glace line but it's now discontinue ... It was like a messenger. Bag.
  8. I don't think it would be at all! You can add something cute to the strap if you'd like :yes:
  9. Maybe the Odessa - I like that one the best out of all of the suggestions....but!:graucho:

    I would love something that would be like a handbag, maybe kinda Epi(?) and it would sorta be a combo Alma / Messenger with gold hardware accenting the handles.:shrugs:

    I only say the Alma b/c I have the MC one and I find it to be sturdy (although with a laptop being in it all the time, that might make it sag) :yucky:

    Or, maybe like a laptop 'sock' that could go around it, but in a Glacé leather, with accompanying handbag handles (?) :shrugs:

    Geez, is there anything close to matching my description? Anyone have this same problem ? :shrugs:
  10. Rebecca - u r a doll - it is possible that that could be the thing that seals the deal for me, but.....:wlae:

    I still wanna be extra girly girly, but that's just me! lol :P
  11. hmmmm....I don't know, but that's a GREAT idea! Is that bag readily available ? i.e, in-store ? :shrugs:
  12. I don't know, the Epi Passy GM might work as well as it has an adjustable buckle
  13. Hmmm....I'll have to think about that one too, although that might be a little 'old' for me in a way. I guess what I want doesn't exist (?) or has yet to be made.

    I gotta call Marc and get him on this, pronto ! :roflmfao:
  14. Lol aww thanks.
    You can make it REALLY girly. Pink looks great with Damier, IMO. Also, you can hook a cute keychain to it..oh the possibilities :graucho:
  15. Then there is the Suhali lockit, it's 16 x 12 c.a. so I don't know wether that would fit but I think it's gorgeous in the Suhali