In need of a great NYC bag...

  1. Hey ladies...

    I'm going to NYC in March/April and I am sooooo excited! I :love: love NY so much and I can't wait to be there again. The city is so exciting and full of energy. I envy all of the ladies on this forum who live there, you are all so chic and classy. :yes:

    Anyway, since I'll be there for awhile, I'm looking to get a great bag for the trip. I'll definitely want a tote, something I can wear over my shoulder and over a coat. I'm assuming it will still be cold at this time of year.

    I already have a Longchamp tote, several MJ bags, and an LV speedy. I'll probably take those with me, but most are handheld. I know from experience that it's tricky to carry a handheld bag all day.

    So....any suggestions? I'd like to stay within the 1200 dollar range. I am considering YSL Muse in chocolate...are there any other ideas? Thanks girls (and some guys)!! :jammin: I come!!
  2. I'm so jealous! love NY. I would go for a tods d bag, they are gorgeous and not so common in ny i think
  3. Speaking of which, I will be heading there myself around that time. Are there a lot of sales (on bags) at that time?
  4. Tod's is a great idea! I'm thinking now maybe I should wait until I get there to purchase a bag...there are many options!

    Anyone else have ideas?
  5. When I was there last summer it was a shopper's paradise! The bags weren't on sale, but there was a huge variety and SoHo was amazing! I can't wait!:yahoo:
  6. I would suggest a Chanel reissue. It's classic, easy to carry ( you can even use it as a messenger), and can be easily used day into evening. In my opinion, the muse can get a bit heavy....
    Chanel.jpg muse.jpg
  7. muse or reissue definately!
  8. Great ideas Rose! I love the muse, but I was worried about the weight! Your chocolate is divine!

    I'm not sure if I'm a Chanel Reissue girl. :shrugs: It's a beautiful bag, but I think I would be too worried about not being able to pull it off. Also, I don't know if it's big enough to carry all my stuff during the day (wallet, cell phone, digicam, etc.)

    What do you guys think about the Balenciaga hobo?
  9. I don't have a B hobo so I can't give an opinion on that. However, I do have a longchamp de pliges (several in fact!) and my medium with long handles (good shoulder bag) is excellent for a long day out.
  10. Well, it hasn't been that cold here yet, so I'm not sure about Mar/April. I mean, the crocuses are already starting to come up here! I love the Muse and have 2 of them, but I'm not sure about the Muse as a travel bag, lagely because it doesn't have compartments. I know when I travel, I like to have my handbag organized. Also, you will see a fair amount of them here. There are also a lot of B'bags, including the hobo--same organizational issue. If organizing is not an issue for you, I think the hobo might be better because it's lighter than the Muse, an issue if you're out and about all day long.
  11. Whatever you get make sure it has a zipper closure.
  12. Use your speedy.
  13. I think a Balenciaga Day is a great bag. It is light and it holds a lot. However, I'm not sure about the price. It may be more than $1,200 these days. I forget what I paid for mine. Another option would be the Ferragamo Marissa bag. It is light, can be worn on the shoulder, and holds quite a bit too. I have one in black and I love it.
  14. I love my longchamp for traveling too!

  15. I have that bag too! I love it! Great suggestion!