In need of a fix: Help an RM junkie!!

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  1. Ok, I am not sure I can be called an RM addict yet, for the reason that I don't own one YET!! Hahahaha, but as some of you have read in my other thread, I have just ordered 2 and they are on the way to my grubby lil' hands as we speak!! But I will have to wait til next week!! :sad: And now, I am in need of a fix to tide me down til then, so kindly help a junkie in need by posting your MAB in Night Blue pleasssseeee?? I ordered mine from and forgot to save the photo, and since the one I ordered is their last one, I have no way of seeing the picture again!:crybaby:Anybody, please a little help?All I want to do is just drool all over them!:drool:
  2. theres one up on the "RM in Action" thread
  3. Oh you addict :smile: When are they set to arrive?
  4. ^^The first one there is no tracking, from revolve clothing, hopefully by monday, the 2nd one prolly tuesday :wlae:
  5. Can't wait to see your pics!

    BTW... Haven't you been on a purse ban for a really long time? How did these RM's happen? :P
  6. Yep, it did. There's still 1 available at
  7. Chinkee--I just got the MAB in night blue, but haven't gotten around to pics yet..It's gorgeous, you will love it!
  8. daphodill84, oh who am I kidding!! I tried to put myself on a ban, didn't work! Hahaha, I have poor restraint! But I also have been selling some off, so that is how I justify my purchases :graucho:

    nonnie26, thanks, I know! I'm just too excited!!:nuts:

    bagdemon, do they have coupons for museten?