In need of a digicam...

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  1. Ok so I recently sold my Sony Cybershot DSC-H1 to a camera exchange store... with that money, I got a Canon Powershot G5 on eBay.

    I made the stupid mistake of not looking for a digicam that had an Image Stabilizer. The cons about this camera is that it feels a bit bulky, it takes like 3 seconds before it actually takes the picture, the focus and zoom SUCK, and there is no Image Stabilizer... :hysteric: So... I need some suggestions on which small camera to get!!!!

    Here's what I'm looking for:
    -Small digicam that fits into an MC Wapity
    -Has powerful zoom with an Image Stabilizer
    -Possibly runs on rechargable batteries
    -Sony or Canon, preferrably

    Link to MC Wapity on eLux:
    Louis Vuitton
    Wapity Case
  2. I just ordered a Canon SD800 which has image stabilization. It hasn't arrived yet, but all of the online reviews on this camera were great. I think it matches all of your criteria so you should check this one out!

    Good luck with your search!
  3. I have a Canon SD550.

    It's treated me very well.
  4. I sold my Olympus for that reason...I am too looking for a digital camera.
    I did research and decided to get a Canon. The Canon SD 800 is still pricey and I read the reviews it is not much better than SD700 (that means nothing different with SD700). The review said the SD 700 's photo quality is very beautiful and it has image stabilization too. I will get it and it's cheaper now. BTW I read the review on
  5. I would second the SD700IS. It's being phased out with the SD800 and SD900 so the price is dropping. It meets all your criteria, but only 4X zoom. Unfortunately, 3 or 4X zoom is standard for subcompacts, if you're looking for double-digit zoom you'll be looking at the bulkier G7 or S3 IS models.
  6. i have the canon sd800- absolutely the best camera and totally worth the extra money! (i think i paid $399 at best buy).

    there are lots of features i have NO clue how to use yet, but it was the best of the cheaper cameras. the controls are a bit smooshed together, which makes things a little awkward, but you get use to that quickly. but it's compact (no aa batteries...but it does come with a battery charger), lightweight, and takes amazing pictures!
  7. As much as I REALLLY want a small camera, I also want a digicam that has a powerful zoom, which I'm afraid I'll have to get a bulkier camera... :sad:

    What are y'alls thoughts on the Canon Powershot S3IS? Here's a pic of it:

  8. I'm in the market for a camera as well - I was going to get something less than the SD800. I want to mainly use if for posting pics on eBay - any input from anyone would be appreciated. I get overwhelmed by all the models. I am sure I want to go with a Canon. Does anyone know what the SD means? Thanks.
  9. ^not sure if it really means what i think it does...but the sd's are more compact (i think it's called a lithium ion battery?) vs the a's, which seem to all have aa batteries (which add bulk to the camera). and i think any canon would be great- the other one i was looking at buying was the sd630.

    john, what kind of pics are you taking that you need such a good zoom? i'm afraid you won't be happy with such a bigger camera. and i'm looking at reviews of the s3 now- and it seems that if you use it at the max zoom, the pics are going to look obviously digital.
  10. Argh... maybe I shouldn't have sold my Cybershot DSC-H1? :crybaby:
  11. aw, it'll be okay!

    i think you need to decide which is more important right now: small and compact or a better zoom? cause it doesn't look like you can get both. or can you compromise- instead of a 12x zoom, what about just an 8x or so?