In need of a cles-lots of capacity and durability..

  1. I'm in need of a cles. I'm not able to bring my bag becasue of the location (afarid it will get stolen). Currently I've been putting my CC, ID and $ in my lab coat pocket. THen I had an idea, buy a cles--DUH (thank god I'm at least book smart). I like the ceries, however I'm afarid that with heavy use they will start to rub off, for which I would be really super sad (I plan on attaching my keys). What do you think stick to a monogram or damier or get the cheries?
  2. I have the brown damier cles and I absolutely adore it. The color is very versatile and it doesn't scream "LV" if you are trying to be subtle.
  3. if you want capacity, a perfo cles is good - they're a bit bigger than the regular.
  4. yes, the perfo cles are a bit bigger.

    but really, there's nothing wrong with the classic mono cles :yes:
  5. If you love the cerises, I say get them. I haven't had any problems with rub off and I was using my cles every day for a while, but maybe I'm lucky. It's going to be less durable than mono or damier for sure though. If you don't get the cerises, I'd go for the damier. Love it!
  6. For capacity, the perfo cles is by far the biggest.
    For durability, you can't go wrong with mono or damier.
  7. yep, the other's are right...

    for space and capacity, get the perfo cles.
    for durability, you cant go wrong with a damier or mono.
    for the cerises, they are definately limited piece and if you can get a hold of one, i'd go for it!!! however, the cerises, may rub off from wear and tear.

    up to you!!!
  8. hmmm. very hard... if the space is the bigggest issue, go for the perfo cles.if its not, go for either epi, vernis, groom, damier, mono, or damier azur!
  9. [​IMG]I have this is in the brown and it's actually quite handy. Its a lot bigger than my damier cles. I use my damier all the time though...goes with everything.
  10. go for the perfo if you can find one (it was limited).....

    if not try the azur.......
  11. id say go to the perfo cles! i have the green and its so adorable!
  12. I think the perfo is one of, if not the biggest out of all the pochette cles...
    I wouldn't get anything silk-screened since it WILL rub off eventually...
    The perfo is really fav is the fuschia one!
  13. If all you're putting is your cards, ID, and money, I'd go with the epi or vernis. They are both more compact and keep their form better, not to mention gorgeous!
  14. If you're gonna use it all the time, get mono or damier.
  15. can't go wrong with the mono