In-N-Out Animal Style Burgers

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  1. Craving it so bad. :worried:

    Bad, bad.

    But really, isn't an animal-style double-decker at In-n-Out really God's gift to humanity? Possibly the accumulation, the apex of western civilization's achievements?
  2. I actually started salivating.
  3. I've never eaten at In-N-Out!

    What does "animal style" mean?
  4. It means they grill it up with cheese and sauteed onions and thousand island and some kind of essense of godliness for extra flavor...

    DANI, I will hecka wear my gym clothes while eating my enormous hamburger.
  5. LOL. Go for it, girl.

    I'v been craving cheeseburgers lately too. No idea why. Animal stlye sounds delicous. Thanks for making me hungry!
  6. Don't they grill the buns with mustard on them? I thought I heard that somewhere.
  7. oh idk...I hadn't had a burger in years when I went to In and Out recently and it made me soo sick...
  8. Hmm, I haven't noticed! They do grill the bun, I think...
  9. Lookie what I found! An In-N-Out lover's guide to the items NOT on the menu. :nuts: According to this, the mustard is fried into the bun. :amazed:
  10. ooohh delish!! it would be a great "snack" for study time... yum.

    I think it's a good thing I don't stay near in-n-out because if so, that's what we'll be having everytime I have to cook. =)
  11. ohh neat! thanks for the link :nuts:
  12. we don't have in-n-out here, but we do have a place called The Varsity that makes excellent chili dogs....and now i want one...
  13. OMG! That looks soooo good! I wish I hadn't clicked that link. Hmmm, can you gals overnight one to IL? I wish they had franchises out here.
  14. Hey, I've never heard of this. But you've made me hungry, just reading your posts.
  15. I think the midwestern equivalent is Chipotle. I swear they put crack into their fajita burritos.