In my search for....a fake on Amazon???!!!

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  1. In my continuing desperate search for a pre-loved Multipli:crybaby:...I found a really bad fake on Amazon for $475!!! I was shocked, I thought they were supposed to be somewhat reputable....:cursing:
  2. Keep looking! I'm sure you will find a authentic one soon!
    theres too many Fakes floating around now :nogood: :yucky:
  3. Yuck, thats horrible. Can you contact Amazon? I know that the eBay subforum in here is a great resource for trying to find a preloved bag online :smile:
  4. It wasn't be sold directly from amazon, was it?
  5. yuck
  6. Yikes, I know fakes are everywhere, but Amazon that totally surprises me! Be patient, I am sure you will find a fab pre-loved LV in good time!
  7. There are individual sellers who sell on Amazon - you have to be wary of them. I'm guessing it was an individual seller, not Amazon. Be sure to read who the seller is. And if it's not Amazon, be sure to check feedback!
  8. itself doesn't directly sell LV. If you saw it on Amazon it was probably from an independent seller or a third party site. You have to be wary of those as BagLuver said =)
  9. Keep looking.
  10. Yep, keep looking and post in the authenticity thread if you have any doubts.
  11. The problem with Amazon is that they do accept consignment basis items as well as stores (big and small) which sell through Amazon, which can lead to selling of fakes. This is more something for the fakes thread however.. good luck on your hunt ! :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.