In my quest to get my wife a 35 cm Birkin...

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  1. I called a(n) Hermes store just today. I kindly told the SA what I was looking for.... a 35 cm Birkin for my wife and she told me to hold and then came back to the phone saying that they have one Blue Jean Birkin in a 30 cm with no one's name on it. First reaction? I was shock that it was available and being offered to me via the phone...second...still shocked as I do not know what to do. My wife really wants a 35 cm but if I do not take this 30 cm now...I may never have another chance...the SA was the kindest person ever.

    She wasn't pushy at all and really even helped me make my mind up by telling me that "your wife must be happy with the Hermes bag you'll give her because the price is not something that one should be settle for anything short of the first, how nice is this SA? And I agreed...only to keep my fingers cross that some phone calls may some how land me one for my wife! Before she's 50!!!!

    This just put a smile on my face the whole day as I know that there is hope of landing one but most of all, the are some really nice SA at Hermes Stores. Any my quest for a 35 cm goes on!
  2. You should ask for her name so the next time when you shop at the store, you know who to look for!

    I do agree that it is a rare occassion to find a Birkin without anyone's name on it.
  3. Yeah and the blue jean is BEAUTIFUL. Ultimately it's up to your wife, but if it were me, I'd pounce... :graucho:
  4. Petpringles, I think Birkins are not hard to get at all, if you deal with a store that does not have a huge demand. They were much harder to get a few years back and that reputation still hangs on them. Hermes has added many craftspeople since then.
    My store (unnamed) has tons of bags on display compared to a few years ago and I know people are being offered Birkins all the time now. Some people who thought they were dying to get one just will not up with the bucks when they get the call. And in fairness the price has increased greatly since some people first put their name down.
    I do not think you have any problem at all in getting just what you want considering your time frame.
  5. :supacool:Thanks for the encouragement golconda and your point is well taken...I was so close to "giving in"'s a lot of money for me to make a compromise and it is not what my wife had in mind (although close enough!) I am taking your advise...hanging in there and waiting game goes on!!!! Thanks again!!
  6. I think you need to contact this SA again, she seemed great. Tell her exactly what your after and she will most likely offer it to you first when it next comes in. Best of luck im sure your wife will get exactly what she wants in time.

    p.s. did you ask her if she maybe wanted a 30?
  7. naughty manolo

    I did not ask but she's mentioned to me several times that a 30 cm is a wee bit small for her..although she might have reconsidered since she like the blue jean color. Thanks for your best wishes!
  8. Golconda, you mentioned that your store has tons of bags on display..... may i know the location of the store you were referring to? TIA :heart:
  9. Petpringles, first of all - you are a wonderful husband to be looking for the grail bag for your wife! SA love special husbands like yourself (lucky for me, my DH is one). Keep in touch with SA and follow NaughtyManolo's advise, tell the SA exactly what your first choice is. You will get the call within a few months. Don't settle for a second choice. Good luck and don't forget to tell us when you secure it!
  10. :tup:Zoebag:

    Thanks for the upbeat note...I hope it comes true for me. My wife's a great person and works really hard taking care of patients and this would be something special from me. I am so excited to get one for her as her friend has one and I know her eyes always brightens up when she sees her doctor friend's birkin!

    Thanks again...petpringles!
  11. Wall Street always has Birkins....