In my one horse town I have only seen one daimer...

  1. In my one horse town I have only seen one daimer...are they popular and doing well????
  2. I have never seen one in my town, or when I'm in Charlotte NC shopping.
  3. Even here in the bay area, I hardly see any.
  4. I live in Miami and rarely see any, wonder why. :shrugs:
  5. I've only seen 1. I live just north of Dallas.
  6. I have seen a few here and there in Toronto - but I've seen lots when I go travelling in asia - in both Tokyo and Hong Kong. :yes:

    It's definitely a more subtle LV piece - but you'll know that all the LV lovers and fellow fashionistas will be admiring your Damier!
  7. I hardly ever see any LV at all
  8. I've never seen one (other than mine) in my little rural town.

    In Atlanta, I've seen a few, but not nearly as many as I have Mono. Just today I saw someone with a Duomo at Nordy's, and a girl with a Belem PM in a was adorable!
  9. I see only a few LVs from time to time, never any damier though.
  10. I see alot of them, usually at one of the malls.
    I saw a fake pap in the window of a local beauty supply store, they always have fake LVs & Hermes in the window.
  11. I've only seen one, and it wasn't in my town. I saw it while I was in Columbus, OH over the weekend. I saw tons of LV, but only the one Damier.
  12. A lot of people I know (of course they are not PFers) say they do not like it because it doesn't look like LV to them.?
  13. Around here (in the Northeast), you don't see that many damier bags. Just a plethora of figgety fake monogram bags.
  14. Everytime i go out shopping, I always see several Damier Bags, Much more Monogram (Washington D.C.)
  15. I've seen two here in the Bay Area. I have two Damier myself so am always on the look out.

    I actually see more fake Mono being carried (at Valley Fair for example) than I do real ones combined. Sad really. :crybaby: