In my closet...

  1. Thought I would share photos of some bags in my closet:

    1. Louis Vuitton Almas (Damier, black Epi)
    2. Marc Jacobs (Venetian, Blake)
    3. Ferragamo (gold and silver hardware)
    4. Judith Leiber minaudiere and Bally quilted clutch
    5. Vintage and beaded bags
    6. Coach (all leather, most purchased before 1995)
    5. Louis Vuitton monogram canvas (mostly travel items)
    LVAlmas.jpg MarcJacobs.jpg Ferragamos.jpg Bally&Leiber.jpg Vintage&Beaded.jpg
  2. Remaining photos...
    Coach.jpg LouisVuitton.jpg
  3. :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: awesome. love everything especially the vintage.
  4. pretty bags! love the ferragamo's!
  5. Love your almas!
  6. the color of MJ Blake!!! omg. tdf!!!!
  7. Love the Ferragamos, Keepall, and the Venetia!
  8. beautiful love the damier alma !
  9. I love all of the LV's!
  10. Gorgeous!
  11. Love your evening bags :drool:
  12. I was never that into MJ, but I must say your collection is SOOO PRETTY!! :drool:
  13. Great collection! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Very classy collection.
  15. Gorgeous - congrats