In Misery

  1. Hey All,

    I'm in total misery. I added a bag on sale to my NAP cart this morning and when i tried to check out it was GONE gone gone.... :crybaby:


    I had already counted on adding the bag to my collection and i've just been so disappointed and gloomy about it disappearing from my cart.

    I tried to call their cust service hoping there might be a return but it was totally unhelpful coss she just said all she could see was what was on the site online...

    I k now i sound ridiculous being this upset over a bag but i'm really upset about it... Boooo Hooooo!
  2. I'm sorry! That's terrible but keep checking back - maybe it'll pop up again! What style was it? Maybe you can find it on sale elsewhere!
  3. It took me five days of checking back until I finally got the bag I wanted (yesterday!). It would appear and disppear on the sale list (I checked about every hour) but always said 'Unfortunately, this bag is sold out." Then, yesterday, "Eureka!" Now I have a new tan Paddy on the way (was so relieved to get the 'your order has shipped' notice). I ordered mine at about 5:15 yesterday afteroon (EST) so that may be close to the time they refresh their inventory on screen. Keep trying and good luck!
  4. HEy thanks for the consoling note. i just felt like i had to vent. I've been clicking the refresh button for the last few hours!! (like that's going to actually help!)

    I'll keep checking back but i'm not hopeful. it was a chloe paddington clutch on sale =(

    tried to email cust service in the US but the emails keep on bouncing back. sigh ....
  5. WOOOoo patois

    I'm happy for you!!! the item i lost was a chloe paddington clutch and paddington bag. Probably the same one that you bought!

    I had the same problem of the items not being available... I hope the bags reappear soon!!
  6. I totally understand!!! Yesterday morning I saw a MJ Hudson on sale at NAP for $765 but everytime I clicked on the picture link it took back to the Home page. :cursing: I called the 800 number to try and order it over the phone but the representative was no help. She said they use the same website to place phone orders so if the link was broken she couldn't help me. She suggested I keep refreshing the page throughout the day to see if it would work. It never did. When I tried again this morning the bag was gone.:crybaby:
  7. I hate it when that happens!! The worst is when they take it out of your bag, and you get there the next day and your bag is empty! That's the worst!

    I'm sorry you guys! I hope you find your bags somewhere else!!
  8. It's NOT ridiculous AT ALL - especially HERE, with US!!! I went mad until I got my dream Paddy, so I'm sure it'll happen one way or another! Just took me somewhat over a month. Heh.

    So anyway DON'T worry about looking or sounding ridiculous! I hate bag haters, we shouldn't feel bad for our love.
  9. How awful! I actually had just the same thing happen to me a few days ago :crybaby: ...I saw a Blake in Emerald with gold hardware from Fall 06, the beautiful forest green color that I always wanted...I didn't grab it and when I come back to my computer it was gone! :crybaby: I'm still looking for that bag in the hopes of finding it again. Hopefully it will go on sale?
  10. Aww good luck! It always helps to keep trying. I really hope you get it.
  11. How frustrating!! I had a similar experience w/ ELux once so I feel your pain. I hope you finally get your bag!
  12. yeah my incident occured at the US NAP site

    AND added to that, i was intending to add this other black MJ soft leather TOte on eBay to my collection. I was dead set on winning it because i'd been eyeing it for soooo long and then the seller pulled the auction with 1 day to go!!!

    3 bags "LOST" in a day!!!

    this is way too much for me... I'm mopping around the house in depression now.... :crybaby:my boyfriend things i'm crazy that i'm so affected and upset about "losing" bags.....
  13. How dare that seller! :crybaby:
  14. Tell me about it DesignerElla! I really hate it when that happens coss it gets all my hopes up!! and then i go into bagrage when the item is pulled!:hysteric:

    thanks for empathizing ya all! it really helps!

    My friends and bf think i'm nuts... =P
  15. Glad you finally manged to get the bag and were able to check out - post pics when she arrives