In memory of Sam, look what the DH and I are doing!

  1. After losing our sweet boy, the DH and I really wanted to do something to honor his memory that would help other people and animals... I think we may have found it! We are going to start volunteering for "Hand-in-Paw," a local organization that makes visits to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc. with therapy dogs. We are going to start training one of our rescue shelties, Picasso, to be a therapy dog starting this month. I am so excited, my heart just wants to burst! I am also really happy because the DH and I are going to train as a "team" so either of us can take Picasso for therapy visits.

    Before I committed to doing it, I shadowed a friend of mine who volunteers with Hand in Paw at the Children's Hospital, and it was one of the most moving experiences of my life. The kids were down in the lobby waiting for the animals... kids with IVs attached to their wheelchairs, children going through chemo, children who had just had brain surgery... all kinds. It was amazing how the animals brought such joy to them.

    They also go to schools for a "Sit, Stay, Read" program, where children who are struggling readers can read to the animals without fear of judgement.

    We won't be certified for a little while, but I wanted to share this with you as we embark on anther animal journey. I hope this would make my Sam proud. :love:

    Here's more info about the organization. Wish us luck!

    " Since 1996, Hand-In-Paw has provided registered Delta Society teams of handlers and pets to serve as therapeutic tools in medical, social service, and education settings for children, youth and older adults. Our volunteer teams have made over 100,000 beneficial contact visits through community events and in a number of participating facilities. We also serve as a resource for students and for therapists who want to utilize animals in their practice.
  2. OMG Tucker, how wonderful to do that! Animals can definitely help sick people & people with behavioural problems or disabilities, this is a fabulous thing to do & a real tribute to dear Sam. Every good wish in your training!
  3. I think this is a fantastic idea.
  4. What a wonderful thing to do. Sam would definitely be proud of you and I'm sure he's watching.:flowers:
  5. ^^ Thank you Dallas, I hope he is too.

    Here is our Picasso, I snapped this Friday when we had some snow flurries. His brother is too high-strung to be a therapy dog I think :push: but I think Picasso will do well. He also sometimes has seizures AND is a rescue dog, which the people at Hand-in-Paw say kids in need love to hear about and can relate to.
    P1180135.jpg P1180136.jpg
  6. He is adorable!
  7. What a wonderful thing to be a part of and to keep Sam's memory alive and strong :yes:

    Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support you and your new endeavor:love:
  8. What a great way to honor Sam's memory. Good luck with your training and please keep us posted as to how it goes.
  9. That is so sweet!:heart: What a special, loving, caring, giving, WONDERFUL thing for you to do! :flowers:
  10. I have tears in my eyes right now, TT, this is so special and Sam is very proud of you I just know it. It is so great to see people's eyes light up at the sight of a sweet animal that just wants to love them :love:
    Thank you for doing this!!!
  11. You are wonderful.
  12. What a wonderful thing for you to do TT! I visited a nursing home once that housed a therapy doberman full time, and it was so moving to see. Dogs are so good at pacing themselves to humans. Keep us posted on how Picasso does.
  13. What a wonderful way to honor Sam.
  14. This is simply're making Sam very happy and proud!!:tup::heart::heart: And my little Chicca is clapping her "hands" as well for you!!:flowers:
  15. What an awesome idea! Pet Therapy can definitely help a lot of people. It helped me when I was in the hospital. Thank you for doing such a wonderful thing. :heart: