In Madrid right now, haven´t found anything...

  1. ...totally disappointed. I was hoping to score some BVs here, but the store here on Ortega y Gasset is kinda small. They don´t have a lot of exotic leather wallets, which was something I wanted to get. I have to say that the prices are cheaper than the US.

    Well, I´ll report more later...

    The good thing is that I got an email from the US store saying that my special order Iron-Brass lizard wallet-with iron nappa umbria interior- will be personalized with my initials. It will take about 2-3 months. Yippie!!! Something to look forward to. :jammin:
  2. Hey there, hope you're still having a great time sight seeing and food tasting in Madrid notwithstanding (not to mention other buys :p). Congrats on the fab wallet! Safe travel and do report in again soon. :smile:
  3. ^ have fun in Spain! and i remember you talking about the Ostrich Milano bag in another thread; I totally think you should get it! i have never seen it IRL but I bet it's TDF :drool:

    congratz on your special order! iron-brass lizard is totally gorgeous and having it in a smaller piece really shows its details IMO. great taste!
  4. uclaboi, congrats on the wallet, it sounds great!

    Don`t be dissapointed! Enjoy the rest of Spain to the fullest (is it warm there? It is snowing in Middle Europe!) and I`m sure you`ll score something that you really like!
  5. ms piggy - The food/wine is great. I haven´t done any exercise to burn off all the calories I´m intaking, though. Today, I went to Botin and had their famous roasted items. Devine. I also had some hot chocolate and churros at Chocolateria San Gines for late night dessert. Very sinful.

    I haven´t found anything for myself, but I did find something for mom at the Swarovski store - the Oceanic pendant.

    catabie - I´m so in love with that Ostrich bag, but they didn´t have it. I´m liking ostrich more and more because of this bag. You need to check it out IRL if one is available in a store near you.

    C_24 - The weather has been really nice. A little chilly in the morning but it warms up when the sun comes out. I don´t need a jacket most of the time. I heading to Valencia tomorrow, then to Barcelona.

    More later...
  6. ms piggy - Love your picture!
  7. ^^ me too, is it you, ms piggy?

    back to the topic. uclaboi, congrats on your special order. 2-3 months wait would make this one your holiday gift to yourself, yes?

    sounds like you are having a great time in Spain. mmmmm churros... the authentic one must taste really good!!

    and Oceanic pendant, this one?? love the colour, gorgeous!!

    can't wait to hear about Valencia and Barcelona. have a safe and fun trip!!
  8. uclaboi, congrats on your special order! I remember you mentioning it before and am so glad it will be coming right around the holidays! Sorry you haven't found anything at the BV in Madrid, but sounds like the good food and other shopping are making up for it! Your trip sounds like most of my trips--eat, shop, eat, shop, sleep, repeat next day!
  9. uclaboi
    oh-woo! personalised bv bag! nice! congrats!

    enjoy madrid like many others said before me: eat, shop, sightsee, eat, shop, sightsee! have a great trip and do report back with any booty that you may have! :smile:
  10. congrats on your special order...i'm sure you'll find something in madrid eventually. i love el botin...their steak is tdf! have fun!
  11. Oooh all the food sounds heavenly. Seems like my kind of holiday too, eat, shop, sight see (not necc in that order but def those). And you're just the sweetest son any mom could ask for. You're always thinking of her. She would love the pendant, it's similar to the one used in Titanic no?

    Can't wait to hear more from you. Do have some squid ink paella and sangria on my behalf. ;)
  12. That's me in the 2nd gown I wore for my wedding, its a modern take on the traditional cheongsum dress. Thank you, it's one of my fav pics. :blush:
  13. wow - special order with initials - sounds great! congrats!

    never been to Spain, really gotta do that - sounds like you are having a great time!!!!

    ms piggy - great pic!!!!
  14. ^ Thanks lara. Congrats on the pregnancy, hope all it going well. :heart: