In LV the other day and a YOUNG girl was picking the black mc speedy

  1. Oh my, she had the Black mc speedy (IRL---stunning!!!), an epi speedy, a mono speedy, should I go on? all in front of her, and SA suggested a Suhali :nuts: :nuts: ...and I tell you the look on her face was "I just ate a bad lemon" no happiness, joy, "Thank you Mom, I will do the dishes and scrub the toilet for the next five years, you are the best ever!!!" Nope...lemon puss. Ok I am sorry but I had to rant. Can you imagine, 16 if a day and a Suhali offer...hey I'll scrub her mom's bathroom if she'll adopt me and buy me that MC speedy (it was so pretty! I bet it's great with jeans:yes: ). Sorry for being mean. P.S. Hope she's not on the purse forum, if so, maybe you were just having a bad sorry:shrugs: .
  2. LOL- The end part was cute. Maybe it was a bad day! LMAO! :roflmfao:
  3. Well, if I was in a bad day, all those speedies would sure turn my day to the best day ever... lol :P
  4. How could she not be happy if she was in LV and getting something???:confused1:
    She just sounds spoilt and unappreciative to me, sorry.
  5. May be she doesn't like Suhali...

    I can't imagine to have bad day or bad moment in LV store. I always have good mood after visiting my SA..
  6. Damn, she got all of that????? She is one LUCKY daughter!!!!!! I would be jumping up and down and kissing my mom. I would be her slave!
  7. You are not kidding!! Imagine "Well honey, if you don't like that 1800 dollar MC speedy maybe you should look at these suhali's over here..."
  8. Look....for the most part...people that are catered to and spoiled don't get joy out of anything. What is to appreciate if they can get whatever they want at the snap of a finger? Maybe she was having a bad day..but if she was just a nasty spoiled brat (which you can usually never tell till you get to know a person) then I feel sorry for her.
  9. I wish I could switch place with her for a day. :Push: :sweatdrop: :P
  10. which is why i'm glad i work for my LVs...
    u learn to enjoy them better..
    but if u were born with a silver spoon in ur mouth... u become to jaded by everything and don't appreciate the value of money :sad:
  11. Yea, you are right. If they are so used to getting everything they want without having to work for it at all, they won't even feel the thrill of buying something. Just like if we are so into LVs or other designer bags, we won't feel the thrill of getting some no-name bags, perhaps a little happy when we found something of a great bargain, but nothing compared to getting an LV bag. Maybe she was used to buying Hermes and getting an LV feels nothing to her. :shrugs:
  12. i guess she dont like the suhali...if shes' that young...16? she probably dont' appreciate a suhali.
  13. True. But I wish I just don't have to work THAT hard for an LV. :shame:

    I've learnt my lesson, now just give me that LV bag I wanted... lol. :lol: :P

  14. teehee ok fine you're right!
    let me rephrase that...
    just the experience of having to work for a few (or two) LVs is good because you will cherish it more...
    then i wouldn't mind having a bottomless bank account... or a no limit credit card to buy all the LVs i want! :P
  15. Oh, I can just keep dreaming about this... :girlsigh: :tender: