in lust with .. COACH CARLY!! show me yours?

  1. Hello Coach lovers :smile:
    I'm currently in love with the Carly signature bag in brass/khaki/gold ..
    but it's not available online until 1/29!!
    My closest coach stores are in the Minneapolis/St. paul area and I saw the Carly at a Coach store in Southdale center last weekend .. I've been saving for a new Coach for a late christmas present to myself and I can't wait to get it!

    Do any of you ladies have a Carly? in any color/size, of course.
    Show it off. At least keep me satisfied until the 29th until I can (hopefully) order it!! I truly am counting the days - I'm so pathetic! :smile:
  2. I have one that's nothing like what you're lusting after, but I'll show it off anyway! It's the medium parchment Carly.

    If you have a Macy's near you, they may have the Carly you're looking for. I've seen the sig/gold in Macy's KoP.
    carly.JPG pilot side.JPG pilot & wallet.JPG
  3. OO That is exactly the one I am lusting over too.. glad you started this thread. I am very interested too!

  4. OO!! This is the one I am lusting over too!!! So glad you started this thread.. I am really interested in getting one as well.
  5. I am trying to hold out one more week for the large black leather Carly!! I saw it the other day IRL and almost feel over dead it was soooo pretty!! But, of course I think all Carly's are TDF!!!!
  6. i got the med black leather carly.. love it!!!
  7. Here are some pics of my carly. I love it because it fits everything and fits nicely on the shoulder. :graucho:
    DSC04445.JPG DSC04446.JPG DSC04464.JPG DSC04449.JPG DSC04447.JPG
  8. [​IMG]
  9. I liked the one that was khaki/brass/saddle signature but when I went to go buy it, it kept falling off my shoulder and totally annoyed me. Do you current owners have that same problem??
  10. Ohh, I'm glad. haha. I can't wait.

    Butterfly, is that the large size?
    I, for the life of me, can't decide whether I would like med. or large better.

    I'm about 5'11,
    and I like big bags .. so I guess I'm leaning towards large.
  11. I have the medium Carly in black leather. I absolutely love it. Everywhere I go I get compliments and envious looks. One of my professors actually petted it. :smile: I did not have any problem keeping it on my shoulder once I took all the stuffing out and put my own things in. The only issue I have is that it can get a little heavy. I really have to stay on top of keeping it cleaned out. Its not really heavy enough to make it a real problem, but I have found myself moving out of it if I am going somewhere that I will have to walk around with it on my shoulder for a very long time. Which is a shame becuase sporting this bag is awesome. It may sound crazy, but this bag just makes me happy. I have had her over a week and I still get excited every time I pick her up (I also refer to her by name some of the time, and that does earn me some strange looks at times). :smile: I know you will thoroughly enjoy yours when it arrives.
  12. Oh man, I know, ever since I saw the signaure ones I've been in love. That's definitely the next bag I've got my heart set on getting..just not sure if I want the gold or chambray..and what size? ah!! hahaa.
  13. --Yes it's the large. :yes:

    Trust me, if you like larger bags, go for the Large, it's definitely worth it. The medium just won't work, and will be stuffed and too heavy. I tried on the medium just to see, and am so glad i didn't get it.
  14. I have the medium camel carly and I love it! I end up petting it whenever I carry it! It's a fantastic bag! If you like large bags, I'd recommend the large.
  15. This is my Carly. It is the medium signature.