In love

  1. With Jack johnson...he is so damn peacful to me...I am adoring his music at the moment!! Anyone else?
  2. I love his music too...such a good artist
  3. I have been a big jack johnson fan since Flake came out. I find his music so mellow, I love the stuff he did for Curious George soundtrack
  4. Absolutely divine - great to chill out to:yes:
  5. Love him. Very mellow.
  6. hi Sunshine!!! I have not seen your posts in so long( probably me)...Hope all is well! I will try Jack Johnson as I have never heard of him before and know that you have :P good tASTE!!! tHANKS!
  7. His music is really serene. I enjoy it very much.
  8. I LOVED his music for the longest time! So mellow & soothing. But, now I can't listen to it....... it depresses me. It reminds me ofthe person who introduced me to his music.
  9. :love: hes so dreamy!!!
  10. i'm in love, too, but not with jack johnson, but with 18 DUMMY