In love with this paddington...can't find it in person.

  1. I am in love with a paddington I found online, and I'm wondering if anyone has seen this bag in person. It's black on black with a shoulder strap. And it's the first black bag I've ever wanted.

    I'm in LA--I've looked at Saks, Barneys, NM and in some boutiques. Can't find it anywhere.

    I'm assuming this is not a mini--just a small paddington. Any thoughts, guys?

    The dimensions are 6"h by 10"w by 6"deep.
    Here it is:
  2. Fritz, that bag does not look authentic, so thats why you will not have found it on line!

    Where did you find that picture, was it from a boutique? Everything about that bag screams fake to me!

    There is a paddy that is black with black hardware, but it doesnt look like that (thank the lord!!! ;)). Hope that helps
  3. I don't know about the picture but I have only seen the black with black lock baby paddington once and it was at Nordstrom. It was on sale during one of their sales, I think it was either the Anniversary or the Half yearly. But I know I saw it last summer.
  4. I found it at aloha rag. The SA in Neiman suggested it might be a limited edition from the fall collection. Bah. It's the first black bag I've liked...and I'm not allowing myself to buy another color until I get a black one. It's kind of lame to not own a black bag...

    Thanks for your help!
  5. Yeah--I saw a gorgeous black on black paddy on sale at the Grove's Nordstroms. I didn't have the cash at the time--and it didn't have a shoulder strap. It was a good price and I'm kicking myself now!
  6. Kelli, thank you! That's the bag! Have any of you guys ever bought/heard of LV's site? I'm gonna do some research on it and then buy if it checks out.
    Thank you again. Yay!
  7. I checked out the site and bought the bag. Yay! My first Chloe. And no buyers' remorse...which is pretty amazing. :smile:

    Thank you again for your help.
  8. Hooray! Post photos when your new baby arrives. :smile:
  9. Hi- I"ve seen that bag online at Neiman Marcus. It was $999 and then when I checked back it was onsale for $799 and all sold out. Its a beauty. I wanted it too, but I was too late. Neiman Marcus told me to check out last call dot com.
  10. You are right Neiman's did have it on sale after the holiday, they said it was a special edition for them. I ordered but had to send back because the black lock was chipped.