In Love With This New Burberry!!

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  1. Hi there ladies and gents. happy new year to all.:wlae: I'd like to introduce myself as rather obsessed with Louis Vuitton, though the nova check/haymarket has occasionally caught my eye. That being said, i confess that i had barely ventured out of the Board Games and LV Forums. Today has been my first day in burberry, and im certainly impressed; you girls have some nice bags (and accessories!!)

    Well, IM IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP. Im really into the whole military-themed and deconstructed fashion houses of dior homme, viktor and rolf, martin margiela, Commes de Garçon, etc. and i found this bag from burberry prosum S/S 2008. I've gone crazy looking for more information, but there really isnt any! Since you guys have much more experience in the field and burberry boutiques, Maybe you have seen them around? i know i have been seeing some people with louis vuitton bags from S/S 2008. I figure this one should be out too.:yes:

    Well without further ado,



    These photos are from the runway. i know not every bag meets production but its just TOO BEAUTIFUL TO SAY NO TO!!! :heart::heart:
  2. That is a gorgeous bag- thanks for posting!
  3. :smile: thanks blew!
  4. thankyou

    i love the first one ,,,
  5. I love it.
  6. I am eyeing on them too!!!Aren't they cool!!I personally like the first one most,a little bit cleaner but still unique.I can't wait to see them in flesh
  7. that's an amazing! :biggrin:
  8. Love it!!!
  9. very different for a burberry bag. but very classy.
  10. :flowers: different is definitely good in this case :wlae:

    but my guess is, no one has see it or heard anything on it?:upsidedown:
  11. great eye duncan. :supacool:

    i had not even noticed they were two different bags, being carried by two different people!!!!! :roflmfao:

    now i see the difference in size and they guys pants... LOLOL!! :okay: :smile: thanks for letting me know. i like the first one much more!!!
  12. i wonder if you can play around with the chains. i like the chains on the 2nd one better, but the style of the 1st :smile:
  13. LOL WAIT...are these man bags?!
  14. bump! anyone heard anything new on this? and yes, these are man bags bagaholic85. ;)
  15. i love the first bag!