In love with this Lanvin bag

  1. never seen it IRL, but it's a cool looking bag :yes:
  2. I think Saks might have it??? Not 100% though! It's cute!
  3. Have you tried Barneys?
  4. I seen that w/ brown on eBay
  5. I've checked the barneys website but they don't have it. Shall try eBay next. I don't sppose Lanvin is popular enough to have ebay fakes?!!
  6. Hi greep,

    I have (or actually had) it. I recently sold it on eBay, though. It's really good quality. Here's some more pics of it that I took for my auction.


  7. If you do a "completed auctions" search on eBay, you can also find my old auction, there's a couple more pics there. I'd recommend it, the only thing is that it's kind of small (I'm into really big bags)
  8. I really admire Lanvin and one day I will have one! But...this one leaves me cold, that white strap just ruins the aesthetics of the bag, and it looks cheap for such a classy expensive bag...:sad:
  9. I Love lanvin bags, and I love this bag!
  10. I love this bag, but it does look a little small. It would be nice if it were work bag sized.
  11. I LOVE the color combo!
  12. Hi Spiral - Thanks! Normally I lean towards bigger bags as well but sometimes everyone needs a change =). The colour combination and clean lines on this was wht grabbed me. Hopefully it will pop up on Ebay again!