In love with this but it's discontinued? Boo hoo...

  1. Hey everyone, the moment i saw this, i thought i must get it !!!

    But to my dismay, my SA says it's discontinued :sad:

    Anyone else saw it in your local boutique? I wonder if it's worldwide discontinued?

  2. Aww, but it's so cute! I saw this a couple months ago in Aruba...but that doesn't really help. Good luck!
  3. I feel your pain, I thought about one as well for a card holder ... couldnt find it on elux anymore so I couldnt recall the name, never called LV but figured it was discontinued when it did show on elux. :sad:
    I just love the red lining.
  4. That is adorable - I say keep looking for it! Call 866, check eBay (of course authenticate) and some of the reputable 2nd hand sites. I love the push locks.
  5. I agree with above posters, call 866 and see if they can track it down. Also call Saks, nm, macy's and bloomies as they have their own inventory computer lists and not hooked up to the 866 number
  6. I believe this PFer is in Hong Kong so 866 isn't really an option BUT kuromi you should call individual boutiques and ask!

  7. I didn't know that. Are some things in the 1-866- inventory from the boutiques in Saks and the other department stores and others aren't? I have had the 1-866 locate several things for me specifically at SAKS.

    However, there are some items that I have been told are completely out of stock. If some of the boutiques inventories are not in the 1-866, that gives me hope on finding a couple of my items.

    Can anyone tell me specifically which boutiques are in and which ones are out?
  8. This is the Damier Koala Card Holder - it's sold out online, but try calling L.V. direct - if there's one in a store, an SA can track it down for you.
  9. I saw it on Eluxury around xmas time, for I almost bought it for myself, that's how I was able to tell you what it was called and that indeed it was authentically part of LVs Damier collection. You may want to call 1866-vuitton and they will locate one for you. I just checked Eluxury just not and its no longer showing up! Good Luck!
  10. I saw this item today in LV in Century City, CA. Good luck!
  11. I think it is actually called the Koala Change purse. I was going to buy it and it was the last one in the store a year ago but it really only holds 2 credit cards. Looks like it should hold more but it doesn't. It retailed for 2-something back then. It is sooo cute but pretty impractical.
  12. i can't see the pic (photohosting sites are blocked here at work) but from what ppl are saying, i think i saw this very item at the boutique at Century City (Los Angeles) this past weekend. It is ADORABLE. Yeah it was in damier and had a buckle like the koala wallets, but it was very small, just enough to hold a few cards. I remember it was on display and looking at it because it was just so friggin' cute! :nuts: i remember looking the price tag but i don't remember what it was..i think it might have been $300 -something, if i'm not mistaken. i didn't know it was discontinued!! that's too bad, it's soo cute!!
  13. I have this, its so cute, I never used it. It has been sitting in the box, its adorable, love the Koala clasp, made in france and the red interier. adorable, Im sure 1866 can track it down for you somehow!
  14. It does look cute, but one would think it would be made to carry more than a couple of cards. I would be trying to track down one myself if it had more card carrying capacity. Good luck finding it.
  15. I think there is a koala card holder in mono, too, IIRC. The zippy coin purse looks like it holds a lot more, though.