In LOVE with these Chanels. Sizing?

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  1. I love love LOVE these new Chanels! Howevah.. the Dallas boutique doesn't have them in stock and the only size I can find to order is a 40.5. I can wear anything from a 39-40.5 depending on the shoe, but I've never bought a Chanel before. thoughts? If they run like Manolos I will be fine.. if not, I will be heartbroken when they arrive! Help!
  2. I can't help with your question but I just had to mention that those are super cute!!!
  3. Wow those are super cute.
    I have always found that Chanel runs very small, I usually size up one full size.
  4. I tried on the peach with the black bow ones. For me, I had to go up half a size. I am usually 37-37.5 in Manolo depending on the styles. I tried on 37.5 and they fit fine. I didn't end up getting them as beautiful as they're though. I'm regretting it now :sad:
  5. They're so cute! i go for the peach!
  6. Will you share where you found them? I would love to get a pair, they are so adorable.
  7. Nordstrom DT Seattle salon shoes has the peach color one. Try calling them at 206-628-2111. HTH
  8. go a whole size up
  9. I usually wear a 7.5-8. In my Chanels, I have 8s, so it's not much of a jump in size. I think you should be fine with a 1/2 size up.
  10. I had the ribbon closed toe mary janes and mine were a 40 and fit prefectly. I'm a US 9. I think the 40.5 might be a tad big on you, but is there anyway to have them measure the inside footbed for you? That way you could compare the measurement with a pair of sandals with a similar heel height.
  11. Thanks everyone for all the input! Measuring the footbed is a good idea. The Dallas Chanel Boutique was going to order them for me from the Beverly Hills store, but I might try that Nordstrom you guys mentioned.
  12. True, Chanel runs small.. one size up fits well but a bit loose for me..
  13. Sorry, can't help you, but they are super cute! :yes: