In love with these bags, but cant find them anywhere !

  1. [​IMG]

    Style # 1807


    Style # 1771
  2. I've seen the asian brocade style in a gallery tote before on eBay--it was selling for about $800. It was called kimono and was absolutely stunning. I love Asian brocade bags, especially WaBag, and this reminds me of a much higher-end version of that.

    Gorgeous choices. I hope your treaure hunt will lead to success!
  3. Thanks !
    I remember seeing those totes too ! Hopefully the clutch isn't as expensive. I've never seen the metallic one though. I looked all over eBay and the internet for these too but they are nowhere to be found:shrugs:

    Does anybody know which year the metallic one is from ?
  4. Winter about 2 years ago - sold at Bloomingdales.
  5. Wow, that Asian-looking one is gorgeous.
  6. Last time I was at the Filene's Basement in Chicago (State Street location) they had the Kimono print tote for around $300 after clearance. I was FREAKING out because I've only seen it a few times and always for ridiculous prices. If I had had the $300 I would have bought it, either to resell for an amazing profit or just because it was a good deal.
  7. Love both of them! I've never seen the metallic tote anywhere, but have seen the kimono on ebay a while back - the seller had the tote and wristlet and was selling them together. Once it climbed over $600 (and still had a day or 2 to go), I gave up the dream . . .
  8. Does anyone have a pic of the Kimono tote?
  9. Oh those are gorgeous! I think I have seen them on Ebay before too...

    Good Luck finding them. :smile:
  10. i love the tote! hope you can find it ;)
  11. Whole line:


    That's all I can find at the moment. I'm gonna keep looking though.
  12. the first pink metallic gallery tote is rare, I am always looking for one on ebay, the last one I saw went for $564 - waaaaaaay above retail. they're hot when they show up
  13. oh my that is the most beautiful collection i have seen yet!! absolutely love it! hope you find it!!!
  14. those clutch styles are almost always as expensive as the purses. why is beyond me, I always assumed it was because there was the frame and kisslock closure and it took more to make it