In love with the quilt!

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  1. Does anybody know if there is already a Bubble Gum Pink Matellase? I am obsessed with the fine craftsmanship of this bag! Please post pictures of your yummy matellase!
  2. :huh: I think mattlasse is pretty it would be in BG!!
  3. Goodness, my heart is breaking:smile: Any yes it will be s pretty in Bubble Gum Pink!
  4. yeeeppppp....I'm pretty sure Mattlassee (sp) is D-C'd....somebody please chime in for a second verification
  5. That's what I heard way back when news of the spring colors first leaked. My buyer friend said no more. But when I posted that, someone else with other sources said not true. Still, there aren't any in any of the stores in spring colors, BALNY doesn't have any. I'm pretty sure they're discontinued.
  6. it would look pretty in bubblegum! It makes me a bit sad that they will discontinue it. it's such a beautiful bag!
  7. yep, it would be so lovely in Bg...
  8. I just ordered a Medium in White from Barneys in Chicago for $716.... Only White is on sale. I'm sure they could find you one if you like the white...
  9. I think the problem was resistance to a new non-moto style along with price. The original "small size" was $1795 and the larger one was maybe $1995. People love them a lot more at sale prices!

  10. I have always loved this bag, but the price tag is hefty. I think that stopped alot of people. I think it's a great look. Kinda part B-bag with a touch of Chanel.:love: What could be better???
  11. i've been dreaming of a pink or magenta matelasse!! too bad the are discontinued...but i love my aqua :heart:
  12. Lol, I thought your title was "in love with the GUILT" :nuts:

    Aw too bad about the matelasse, I have a Sienna PM that I use often...
  13. I was told there would be BG Matelasse! :yes:
  14. ^really? that'd be so cute :biggrin:
  15. Oh yes it would be so cute...I cannot get SB Matelasse out of my mind but then I really don't want to deal with another light coloured bag. BG is enough of a stress.