In Love with the new...

  1. Ok, so I'm pretty sure that this is relatively new and I am in love with it. The new corded spy bag is the most beatiful thing ever. I am not a huge fan of the spy bag, but this one is gorgeous. I just saw it in person and a picture does nothing for it. It is beautiful...but also expensive. I'm debating it though:shame: ! What do you guys think? Has anyone seen it?
  2. I saw it and was kinda NOT impressed actually..I was dying to get that bag but IRL it looked ICKY
  3. In all honesty, I like the regular leather spy bags better. But if you like it, go for it!
  4. I'm curious to see that particualr Spy irl. :wondering
  5. i prefer the 1st seasons leather ,,however this spy's color is TDF
  6. I saw this on my trip to Korea and it's just lovely.
  7. i like the ones with regular leather more as well
  8. I saw and felt it a couple of weeks ago. Color is gorgeous and the leather is surprisingly soft. But still prefer regular leather Spys, and definitely don't thing this one's worth the price premium.
  9. I saw it in London a few weeks ago. I am not a fan, sorry - it looks a bit funny/weird. Prefer the usual leather Spys
  10. I saw this bag IRL and I was not blown away by it. I prefer the regular Spy. However, different strokes for different folks. If you like it you should get it.
  11. Not a fan. It is different, if you like it go for it. Enjoy!
  12. I like it.