In love with the new patent Lady Dior

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  1. I'm in love with the new patent Lady Dior! Has anyone seen it and any thoughts?
  2. :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    i've not seen it but it sounds like something that i would love to have. :p

    would you happen to have any pictures of it christine?
  3. Very pretty!
  4. I don't but I will get one for ya. ;)
  5. :yahoo::flowers:
    yay! much thanks chrissie!

  6. where did you see it Lisa ? :drool:

  7. xochrissie i have a sneaky feeling that this promise has something to do with your job ;) ... oh please please get it for us and make us all drool at the bag and worship u !
  8. Here are the pictures I promised. :dothewave:


  9. What does everyone think? I'm so in love with it!
  10. That bag is to die for! Patent is all the rage now, you should get it!
  11. :nuts::drool::nuts::yahoo:

    they're gorgeous! i really like them a whole lot. gaaaah my wishlist just got longer!

    thanks so much for posting these pictures chrissie! :heart:
  12. It looks pretty small
    How much is it?
  13. HOLY! I didn't know Dior made a non-quilted patent version now! This looks way better than before (I am not a big fan of quilted patent leather...just looks weird).

    I love this!
  14. wooohooo xochrissie these pics are fab ! i totally :heart: that bag maybe my next goal should be collection of Lady Diors ...:graucho:
  15. They have it at NM and I was drooling over it last looks so chic in person, LOL! I did think it was a little pricey for the size and because patent leather can't really be carried everyday, IMHO. But it is one gorgeous "notice me" accessory!!!