In love with the Monogram Beverly MM.

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  1. Hello Guys.
    I'm new here. I just wanted to say that i love this forum. excuse me if my language isn't great but i'm from holland, so ;)
    Well.. Since last week i have my 'baby'. It is an Monogram Beverly MM, and i'm so proud of it. Now is my question. Does anyone knows how to keep this beautiful bag, beautiful? Because mostly my bags are broken, after a couple of months. And does anyone knows which clothes to wear by this bag? Because mostly i wear sneakers ( i'm sixteen, so). Well thankyou!
  2. Welcome to TPF! Congratulations on your beautiful Beverly MM!! I have the GM size myself and I wear casual cloths but Beverly looks good in all situations I think. Just be careful about stains and water drops on your new vachetta leather :smile:
  3. Thankyou Very much! :biggrin:
    Okay, cool. i will take a look at it ;)!
  4. Ps: The Gm Is very beautiful. Oooh gosh, i love these bags. I just wanna buy more and more and more ( but i don't have the money :P)