in love with the Birkin, again

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  1. After being sick of all the hype, plus a bout of tennis elbow, plus security issues in shopping crowds, I put my Birkins away for the last 6 weeks or so.

    Today I am using one and just looking at it sitting on the chair makes my heart skip a beat. The break was good for my attitude. (I still wish the hype would die down.)
  2. I'm so glad you're in love again Golconda. Sometimes it is good to put thing away for awhile. Every time I use one of mine I'm convinced that one is my favorite until I use another; then that is my favorite. :smile:
    Like all of us, I too wish that birkin were not so popular - time will tell. :girlsigh:
  3. LOL--Golconda...I know what you mean. I've had to shelve 35s for a bit...the best I can manage are 30s, the Kelly and the Lindy while pregnant. The love will come back again as it always does. Like Sus, my bag favorites seem to change, but the only consistent thing is that it's always an H-bag!
  4. May I please say that even though I wrote a thread about not truly being a Birkin girl, and more of a Kelly girl, I'd like to go around to different celebs (not all) and take their bags away from them!

    Most particularly I would like to take Britney Spears' croc Kelly away and never look back!

    They could go to much better homes that would truly love them :heart:
  5. I WISH I could fall out of love with the Birkin! It would certainly be good for my wallet!...thank goodness I can still live without croc though! :sweatdrop:
  6. Good for you, Golconda! Isn't it great to re-fall in love with what you already own? Saves big bucks!!
  7. I have put my Birkin on display in my bedroom for a while due to tendenitis and rain issues.
  8. I Thought I Was A True Birkin Girl.......Than For A Long Period ~ OI Thought I Was Transformed Into A Kelly Girl...........I'm Back In Birkin Mode:yes::nuts:
  9. It Sure Does!!!!!!!:yes:
  10. Golconda - nice to know you're feeling the love again! They are just to pretty to put away :girlsigh:

    Glad your elbow's better too :flowers:
  11. Hope that tendenitis is gone SOON.
  12. I've recently been using my kellys and lindys and rediscovered my love for the former... Golconda, you've inspired me to take my birkins out again!!!
  13. I know what you mean! I put mine away for a while due to weather and scheduling issues (too many occasions that were not birkin friendly). In the last week or so I've been missing her terribly!
  14. Geez, I just sold my old one and now waiting for my new one to arrive I am soo lost! I used to have such quality time sitting and admiring her! Yes I sounds so shallow...but it is true.
    Hope your tendonitis is healing up! Happy Healthy Holidays!
  15. FWIW, I do think the hype is fading(has faded?). I haven't registered a mention of them in the media in quite a while either. My gut feeling is that the Birkin is past it's peak as trendy must-have for a long while.

    I'm not wild about all things birkin-y or even most H items (ducking rotten eggs) ,for that matter, but I do *love* certain individual pieces.

    For the bags, it's a harmony of color, leather, sometimes how it looks carried by the person that makes me swoon. A gestalt, if you will. (yes, I need to go to bed:upsidedown:)

    Anyhoo, I'm glad you're 'falling in love again' w/ your bags.