in love with the batignolles horizontal

  1. today i went to the lv shop in amsterdam .. planning to buy the pochette cles in pomme..
    but when i saw the cles, i was not totally in love.. i really liked the color, but it was so small en thight.. i don't think i can fit much in it..
    then.. i saw the batignolles horizontal!! :heart:firstly i didn't liked the Bh, although i know lots of you here like it.. but when i saw it IRL and tried it on.. i fell in loveeeeeee!!:love:
    now i truly understand, why everybody here is so praiseful about the bh..
    not sure when im going to buy it yet.. but im sure it will be soooooon!!

    btw, they still have the enveloppe plate in pomme (so beautifull, but i don't know how to use it ;p) and i guess they still have other colors too!!
  2. Such a popular and well liked bag. I will have to go check it out in person.
  3. The BH is my next purchase.
  4. Can't wait to acquire this bag myself...
  5. iv never been a fan, i might have to check it out though.
  6. I tried it on this weekend for the first time and I must say I like it better in person than in the pictures. I may have to end up with one eventually.
  7. i :heart: bh
  8. I've had mine for over a year and it is the most used LV bag in my collection!
  9. the tease :crybaby:.... please stop with the teasing ...:drool: :drool: :drool:
  10. I had been wanting one since everyone here sings it's praises. I got the dentelle gold version but think I'd like to have a regular mono too since I love nice bright vachetta on mono bags. So glad you decided you loved it!
  11. i love my bh! i'm using it today and it holds so much. hope you buy yours soon.
  12. Mine too...if I don't go inclusion crazy first! :p
  13. The BH is a great bag. I've seen people wearing it and they look great.
  14. I have one on the way to me!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I think the BH is my next purchase too!! I love it. I actually almost bought it last week, but I had to use the money for something else :sad: