In Love with New Grey Mahala

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  1. I saw this posted on tpf and it was lurve/love. Grey and patent, what more could anyone ask for? However, I still have 2 LP Mahalas that I haven't even taken out for a first date yet, much less a sleepover...

    Do you think that patents are not as easy to wear in the hotter months? Can I justify another patent Mahala? I want to use my bags, not stare at them through their dustbags. Decisions, decisions...what do you ladies think?

  2. I think patents are great in summer. In fact, there was a time when that was the only time patents were supposed to be worn. Good lord girl...take those babies out!
  3. OMG, that is a gorgeous bag!!!! :drool: I never knew before but grey is a wonderful neutral. It is easy to wear year round since it matches everything. I think patent can also be worn year round as well.

    randr21, break out the other two LP mahalas already. What color are those? Take them for a spin. If I remember correctly, you also have a black leather mahala from BG?
  4. It's beautiful! I'm not a huge fan of patent for some weird reason. Had a LP Midnight Mahala. Gorgeous, but it went to a much more loving home.
  5. Thud! :faint: Gorgeous!


    Oh crap, I am so in trouble....
  6. I have a patent Mahala- find it great all year round!
    The grey is lovely- subdued, and elegant.
  7. Beautiful muted grey!
  8. I know I'm being weird ladies, but for some reason, the LP Mahalas I own (sage and midnight) seem to be more fall/winter bags to me. Maybe because of the suede and dark color combo with the patent? Incidentally, I'm carrying my YSL RG Croc Embossed cream patent bag and I had no problems whipping that baby out...maybe the cream color and lack of suede has something to do with it?

    In any case, I will do my best to alternate my bags more often. BTW, halunfishie, I was carrying my beloved black regular leather mahala since January of this year, and I finally switched it up recently.

    After seeing lionlaw's collection of mahalas, I think that it's ok to have a mahala obsession, esp. since they really are so lovely in the different colors and leathers. :balloon: And I really love the color grey and its understated elegance, like parson said

    jburh - let's be in trouble together! hehe
  9. I think the bag is gorgeous!

    I have a Maddy obsession...hmm...I wonder if they will make the Maddy in that grey color. :smile:
  10. #10 Jul 8, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2009
    Ooh, grey Mahala.. Gorgeous! Yeah, I think that's a year-round friendly color. I love seeing Patents on others, but I still have to pull the trigger for myself.

    randr21- Please post pics of your LP Mahalas! :graucho:
  11. I think they are great in the summer, but if you haven't used the other ones then i say get something else
  12. Love that grey and the Mahala, both together....dynamic!! -- and grey is all over the place for fall.
  13. OMG - I'm drooling and I haven't drooled since I got my plum patent mahala!
  14. Beautiful bag! I love dark colors in the summer. They really pop against jeans and a white shirt with some sexy stiletto's. :P
  15. oh wow, i am in love. that is beautiful!