In love with my speedy...should I get another??

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  1. Ever since I got my speedy last year, I've just been in love and now I want another!!! I'm not really the type of person to get two of the same things, but I really want another one but in the Damier Ebony. I currently have the Azur 30:


    Isn't she dreammmy??? :heart::heart::heart: (sorry for the dark picture...I was in a dark room)

    Should I go ahead and get another Speedy in the Damier Ebony OR should I get something similar to the Speedy and get the Berkeley in Ebony? I can't stop eyeing the Berkeley either!!!! What would you do? For speedy AND berkeley owners...which bag do you love more?
  2. you can never have too many speedies!!! go for it! =)

    awesome pic, btw!! thank you for sharing!
  3. Definitely go with the damier ebene speedy if you love the shape ! :yes:
  4. def get more. I have the black mc speedy and love it! I plan to buy more. I am going to buy one in the white mc, mono, Azur and Ebone.
  5. I love Speedy's!!You should buy a new one, those bags are fantastic!
  6. I love Speedies, too! Get another Speedy!
  7. Without a doubt----Speedy!!!!
  8. you'll find that a lot of ladies have many speedies. i have 5 lol.

    either decision is a good one!
  9. You can never have too many speedies I own both of the Damier speedies and I am saving up for an Epi speedy next!
  10. go get another one!! i have 6 of 'em:smile:
  11. speeeeeedy! :tup::tup:
    I have to see the Berkeley irl though :P I agree that you could never have too many speedies :P
  12. I am one of these people who are Speediholics. I have about 9 Speedies and can never have too many. :graucho:
  13. Yes!! I'm a speedy collector too.... I have the monogram, damier azure, damier, and cerise...
  14. Def. go for it! When you find something you LoVe indulge! Here are my 3 speedies for inspiration...

  15. One of the basic rules of owning a Speedy - You can NEVER have too many Speedy's!!