In love with my new IRELANDS!

  1. I contemplated buying the Irelands in black when I purchased the Noels the other week, but chickened out because of the height. I couldn't stop thinking about them days after, so I called around NY COACH stores to see if they had any in my size (Columbus Circle, where I purchased the Noels didn't have any in my size).

    I called around all day last Thursday and I faced long phone waits at each store, only for each one of them to tell me they didn't have them in my size. :crybaby:When I called 44th Street, she asked me, why don't you do a phone order with us? It'll ship very quickly. I agreed, but I had to go, so I told my mother to do it.

    They arrived today, and I eagerly opened the box. Turns out, my mom ordered the wrong size, a 9 1/2! I wear 9. I was so irritated because I had been so excited. I called the last store on my list, before I prepared to send them back, the Soho store. Turns out the had a pair in my size! I ran down there today and exchanged the shoes. :wlae:

    They are very cute and comfortable. Here they are on the COACH website:

    I'll post pics with my feet in them, tomorrow: I'm too exhausted right now. :smile:
  2. those are soo cute, can't wait to see the pics!
  3. Very cute!! I didn't want them until I saw one of the SAs here with them on!!
  4. Very cute-
  5. glad it all worked out! i cant wait to see the pics!
  6. Thanks everyone. I just took pics now. Please excuse the crappy camera phone quality. :heart:


  7. I love those. They are so cute and you can wear them with anything. I am glad you were able to get them finally.
  8. ooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhh
  9. Those are so cute. Congratulations.
  10. Very cute! Congrats!
  11. Thanks. :heart:

    It's funny how exciting tracking down a shoe/bag can be.
  12. Sooo precious!! I love them.
  13. I tried those on a while ago and they are seriously comfortable. I didn't get them because I was so broke at the time :sad:

  14. after that! they were made for you to have:biggrin: Enjoy
  15. omg i fell in love with these shoes when i saw them in the catalog! CONGRATS!!!