In love with my new Be & D

  1. Have to say I absolutely LOVE my new Be & D bag. I got the Mena satchel from NM yesterday. The pix online @ NM and BG do this NO justice. Everything on this bag is so well done. Everything on this with the exception of the zipper & hardware is leather/suede. The lining, including pocket lining is suede. The leather is amazing. It's not smooth - wrinkled but I wouldn't call it weathered. The pocket in front closes magnetically. Also on back outside there's a zip pocket - lines in suede.

    Inside is an open cell pocket done in leather & suede. Inside zip pocket lined in suede. The bag smells fabulous. The top zips closed - so from a side view (not shown on NM or BG) it has a triangular shape not rectangular. This isn't a bag for those who like big bags.
    It easily fits my everyday needs - wallet, agenda, keys, cell, with room to spare. There's a long inside strap as well with a trigger you can attach keys or whatever to. I have attached my work ID. The shoulder strap you can attach actually stays on my shoulder.

    I just had to write this to let everyone know the quality of Be & D is exceptional. Never will I be spending my hard earned $$ on LV, MJ, Coach or the like. IMO they don't even hold a candle to this type of quality & attention to detail.

    Also - the whiskey color is not as orangy as it appears online - it's more like Frye's saddle.

    OK - done raving - if ever I figure out picture posting I'll post some for sure, but if you can see these in person you'll know what I mean.
  2. Yup....also in love w/Be&D. Top notch quality all the way. Would LOVE to see pics of your Mena. I have an Ingrid in red and a Garbo in Floral Flocking - both purchased at the sample sale. I think their website will be new/updated in Sept. AND they will be expanding into shoes...made in Italy. Bags are still made in the good ol' US of A. Enjoy!
  3. Maybe I'll try some more with my cell - I think my cameras pix are always too big to post correctly. I have to resize everything to post on other sites. But I tried that here on a diff post & didn't work.

    I just noticed the Be & D hangtag on my bag is also a big locket - nice touch!

    Wish they made wallets.....